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Cryptid File 002: The Common Sasquatch

Official Spooks Cryptid Designation: Common Sasquatch Folkloric Names: Sasquatch, Big Foot, Skookum Distribution and Habitat: Temperate forests in the Pacific Northwest Average Height: 10 feet Native Fauna Member of Wood Ape Subgroup Reason for Cryptid Status: Psychic Powers (telepathy) Observation … Continue reading

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ATOM Kaiju File #37: Promythigor

Aliases: Asset Prometheus, the Pyromaniac Ape, the Sinister Sasquatch Date Discovered: November 3rd, 1954 Place of Origin: Area 51 Notable Stomping Grounds: Area 51, Typhon Island Height: 115 feet Biology: Promythigor was not always a kaiju.  Originally he was a … Continue reading

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