Don’t starve the plants!

Like what you’ve read?  Wanna read more, perhaps in a more long-form fiction sense?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re a fan of the Atomic Time of Monsters Kaiju Files, you’d probably like to see the various giant monsters from them in action.  In that case, consider purchasing the novel series I made them for:

Vol 1 Cover 6by9 improved

ATOM Volume 1: Tyrantis Walks Among Us is available for purchase now, both in kindle and paperback!

Vol 2 Cover 6by9

ATOM Volume 2: Tyrantis Roams the Earth! is also available in both kindle and paperback!

If you like the medieval monsters of The Midgaheim Bestiary, or my ramblings on the Fantasy genre from Between Logic and Enchantment, you may also like to read my fantasy literature:

Wizard School Mysteries Book 1: The Meddlesome Youths is set in the fantastical world of Midgaheim, and follows eight young wizards as they attend the first ever school of wizardry in the history of the continent, all while unraveling many sinister schemes along the way.

Wizard School Mysteries Book 2: Tournament of Death continues the story, setting our wizard heroes against a whole new threat as a friendly game of Ultimate Wizard Battle takes a lethal turn!

NS Cover Wide Sides Text Author

No Sympathies: A Tale of Those Who Trespass Against Us is available for purchase now in both Kindle and paperback!