SAOM Kaiju File: Tyrantis

T1 Neosaur Tyrantis

Class M4 Kaiju

Height: 60 feet at the hip

Length: 250 feet

Powers: Class 4 Super Strength, Class 4 Regeneration, Organic Flamethrower in Mouth

Origin: Genetically engineered “Neosaur”, further mutated by a manmade gene altering pathogen to see if one could control the mutation from normal fauna to kaiju

From the notes of Dr. Wilhelmina Lerna:

T.giganticus was first discovered in 2034, the start of the Second Age of Monsters. It had been sixty or so years since the last confirmed kaiju sighting (although a few incidents were reported in the intervening years, none ever produced proof of an actually kaiju encounter), and as such it came as a surprise to most of the world.

“The first specimen of T.giganticus arrived at the shores of the city of Genericton, California. The monster was extremely malnourished, being drawn to the city by the smell of prey. The coast guard tried to fend off the creature, but its weaponry was nowhere near strong enough to provide a suitable challenge. The monster was eventually downed by an experimental bio weapon, though not killed.

“The appearance of this monster brought alarm on a global scale. Unlike most of the unverified sightings of the past, which mainly dealt with class M0 or M1 kaiju, this was an M4 – the kind of kaiju that had devastated Japan on a near-daily basis back in the 1950’s. Even more troubling was the fact that it was not an amphibious creature by nature, which meant it had travelled from some other landmass. This meant there may have been others from that same landmass (there were) that may follow in its footsteps, so to speak, and come to America (they did).

“An expedition was immediately formed, and sure enough it not only found the landmass, which was dubbed “Typhon Island,” but a half dozen or so kaiju on it as well. Amongst them were three other specimens of T.giganticus: an adult mating pair, and one juvenile. An unfortunate series of events led ALL of the island’s giant inhabitants to attack Genericton, with the horde of monsters only leaving once the mating couple retrieved their offspring.

“In a way this was actually very fortunate, as the father Tyrannopyrodon, who the public dubbed “Tyrantis,” would end up saving mankind from numerous threats – from kaiju, mankind itself, and even outer space – in next couple of decades.”

Team Afiliations: Tyrant Squad (Team leader)

Episode Appearances: Tyrantis of Infinite Earths

Personality & Temperment: T.giganticus is an intelligent and social species with a strong familial instinct. Parents will defend their young with all weapons at their disposal. All known specimens of T.giganticus show a great fondness for combat, often sparring with each other or other kaiju in a friendly manner. The species is renowned for its creativity in combat; on some occasions they can even craft crude weapons to deal with opponents. There is a tender side to the creature as well – unlike most predators, T.giganticus will not prey on the sick or weak, only fighting those who can face it on equal terms, and it shows absolute loyalty to any creature that has earned a place in its “pack.” The species is not particularly aggressive to humankind, and will keep to its territory on Typhon Island so long as it is is not provoked. It is also one of the few kaiju that regularly communicates with others, using a mix of vocal sounds and body language.

~ ~ ~

Author’s Note: This ATOM Bonus Kaiju File is a bit different than the others, as you may have noticed – instead of representing a different kaiju from Tyrantis’s universe, it represents a Tyrantis from a different universe.  In this alternate timeline, Tyrantis is a “neosaur” – i.e. a genetically engineered chimera designed to recreate a dinosaur using the genes of existing dinosaur relatives as well as incomplete prehistoric DNA.  He is then mutated further into becoming a full fledged kaiju by a shady organization trying to create bio-weapons.

If all of that sounds even sillier than the normal stuff you get from the ATOM kaiju files, that’s because it is – this is an homage to a much earlier draft of the story, where it was basically Godzilla meets Jurassic Park by way of Resident Evil.  The series has changed a lot since then (for the better, I think), but I thought it would be fun to pay homage to its roots.

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ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 10: Kirclov

B10 Kirclov.png

Aliases: Kirclov the Living Martian (note: not actually from Mars), Kirclov the Shackled Invader, Kirclov the Conquerable, Kiclov the Beast that Walks, Kirclov the Beast from Planet X (note: not actually from Planet X)

Date Discovered: January 18, 1959

Place of Origin: Kaiju Factory Planet 3

Notable Stomping Grounds: Kaiju Factory Planet 3, Barnumville, Typhon Island

Height: 40 feet at initial discovery, 90 feet at adulthood

Length: 85 feet at initial discovery, 140 feet at adulthood

Biology: Kirclov is believed to be a remnant of the Beyonder Invasion force.  If so, it was unique among them because it was not yet fully grown.  The young kaiju was never spotted among the other rampaging forces, and in fact went undiscovered until well after the brief intergalactic war was over.  It seems fairly compatible with Earth’s atmosphere, as well as being highly intelligent for a kaiju.

Despite its alien nature, Kirclov only sports the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: When first discovered by notorious freak show owner and conman Bertram Wood Jr., Kirclov was a very meek and easily spooked creature.  Despite its prodigious strength and healing abilities, the kaiju was quickly subdued and forced into a strict and cruel training regimen.  The frightened and lonely creature proved to be a quick learner, and soon became a star attraction.

Despite the traumatic nature of its training, Kirclov delights in entertaining a crowd, and responds positively to the sounds of human cheering and laughter.  It remains a tender hearted soul for the most part, and hates being forced to commit any violent or even remotely threatening act.  However, the gentle alien has a breaking point, and when denied the opportunity to flee will fight with great ferocity.  Kirclov is one of the strongest kaiju of its size on the planet in terms of sheer physical might, and while it may not have the fighting experience other kaiju have, that brute strength can carry it pretty far.

While Kirclov avoids conflict in general, it despises seeing other creatures being victimized, and will push itself to intervene when it sees others being bullied.  Kirclov will also brave a variety of dangers to save those in trouble, making headlines when it rescued civilians from a burning building during its escape from Bertram Wood Jr.’s traveling sideshow.


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ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 9: Stardrac

B9 Spacebat

Aliases: The Spacebat, Astrobat

Date Discovered: January 23, 1968

Place of Origin: Outer Space

Notable Stomping Grounds: Miami, Orlando, Echidna Island, Typhon Island

Length: 115 feet

Wingspan: 200 feet

Biology: Originally an ordinary bat, Stardrac unfortunately nested inside an experimental unmanned spacecraft that was sent into orbit to test the effects of cosmic radiation on Yamaneon.  The result was a kaiju whose mutations were far more extensive than normal, and one of the last great surprises of the Atomic Time of Monsters.

Stardrac has a variety of powers at its disposal:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Infrared and Ultraviolet vision
  • Can hear and project radio waves
  • Extreme heat resistance
  • Skull-splitter screech
  • Energy beams from eyes
  • Acidic spit

Personality: Having experienced a far more traumatic and bizarre mutation than most kaiju, Stardrac’s mind is often overwhelmed by its myriad new senses and abilities.  With multiple new eyes all over its body that can see spectrums of light it originally could not make out, ears that pick up on radio signals, and blurry memories of its explosive cosmic creation filling its mind, the space bat often spends hours simply trying to comprehend what has happened to it.  In some dim way, it knows it has experienced things far beyond what any bat could dream, and cannot tell whether to rejoice in this new knowledge or recoil in horror.

Like any terrified animal, Stardrac lashed out at anything that approached it when it first returned to earth, wreaking havoc on the state of Florida in the process.  Once subdued, however, its aggression levels quickly dwindled.  The kaiju is now one of the more introspective specimens in captivity, spending most of its time deep in contemplation as it tries to make sense of its new perspective on the world.

When forced into a fight, Stardrac sports a powerful array of surprising abilities that most kaiju are not prepared to fend off, and most foes are terrified by the spectacular barrage of energy beams, acidic spit, and sonic assaults to the point of retreating.  Stardrac rarely pursues them, as the creatures finds itself to be beyond such petty conflicts now.

Though it is often distant and inwardly focused, Stardrac does not mind the company of its fellow monsters.  It is not the most responsive companion, often starring blankly when other monsters make attempts at friendly communication.  However, it has been noted that on a few occasions Stardrac came to the aid of creatures that made friendly overtures to it before.

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ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 8: Bigjaw

B8 Bigjaw.png

Aliases: Phobodon maximus

Date Discovered: December 4th, 1957

Place of Origin: Lidenbrock Trench

Notable Stomping Grounds: Lidenbrock Trench, The Atlantic Ocean, The Wells-Verne Kaiju Sanctuary

Length: 350 feet

Biology: Massive even by kaiju standards, Bigjaw isn’t a particularly fast swimmer, but makes up for its lack of speed with sheer bulk.  It’s armored hide is nearly impenetrable, and its massive one hundred foot long jaws bristle with sharp, jagged teeth that can pierce the hull of a warship with relative ease.  Bigjaw is an ambush predator, lying in wait for the perfect opportunity to strike its prey.

Bigjaw has the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: Though its perpetual frown might imply otherwise, Bigjaw is actually a fairly calm and quiet creature, generally being content to drift lazily through the sea instead of actively seeking prey.  Most of the kaiju’s nastier moments are a result of vestigial instincts – having descended from retrosaurs that were immense even BEFORE they mutated into kaiju, Bigjaw feels a need to eat other creatures whenever the opportunity presents itself, as its ancestors could not afford to let such opportunities slip by.  Likewise, Bigjaw feels intensely uncomfortable sharing territory with similarly sized creatures, as some ancient part of its brain recognizes that they could lead to its starvation.

If one can push past the initial aggression, though, Bigjaw is actually a fairly mellow monster.  It doesn’t sadistically drag out battles or pursue prey to the ends of the earth (and in fact gives up the chase pretty quickly when a victim escapes its deadly fangs), and is generally content to let significantly smaller creatures be.  Some monsters have even managed to work past the monster’s instinctual territoriality, becoming exceptions to its aggressive predatory nature.  Oddly, the obnoxious Cudatra is the most successful in this regard, and the two monsters are often seen in each others’ company.

Bigjaw, like most larger-than-average kaiju, relies more on brute strength than strategy, as it can withstand almost anything thrown at it while dealing far more damage than less exceptional kaiju can handle.  Thankfully for anything unfortunate enough to fall on the wrong side of the titanic sea monster, it is also slow and clumsy.  Any strategist could see that Bigjaw needs a partner who can cut off its prey’s escape to be a truly effective killing machine.  Perhaps its partnership with Cudatra isn’t as inexplicable as one might think.

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ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 7: Cudatra

B7 Cudatra

Date Discovered: October 15, 1957

Place of Origin: Lidenbrock Trench

Notable Stomping Grounds: Lidenbrock Trench, The Atlantic Ocean, The Wells-Verne Kaiju Sanctuary

Length: 240 feet

Biology: An aquatic retrosaur with a fairly stream-lined body, Cudatra’s swimming speed is hard for any other kaiju to match.  Adapted for deep sea life, Cudatra is rendered nearly blind when swimming near the surface of the water, but makes up for its lack of vision with echolocation and sheer tenacious ferocity.  Its jagged fangs and hooked claws can ensnare prey with ease, and while its skin is thinner than most other retrosaurs, it is nonetheless a very formidable hunter.

Cudatra has the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: It is easy to underestimate Cudatra.  Its giggling vocalizations, clumsy flailing, and poor vision in daylight make it seem rather pathetic if not downright clownish, and while its jagged teeth are menacing, its large, bulging eyes give it a sickly appearance.  When it was first spotted, it was treated as a low priority threat, as surely something this wretched and pitiful in appearance and behavior couldn’t be too dangerous.

Cudatra quickly proved these assumptions wrong.

Beneath the buffoonish attitude is a cunning predatory mind, as several ships learned far too late.  Its bizarre, flashy writhing allows it to lower a prey item’s guard while it figures out a successful plan of attack.  Its giggling allows it to pinpoints prey via soundwaves.  And while it can barely see when exposed to bright light, it has no trouble snatching sailboats between its crooked jaws, or sensing the thrashing movements of survivors struggling to keep their heads above water.

Worse still, while Cudatra is a ferocious hunter of human beings, the marine retrosaur is actually on fairly friendly terms with other kaiju.  It even formed a symbiotic partnership with an even larger aquatic predator…

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ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 6: Raroga

B6 Raroga.png

Date Discovered: August 25th, 1957

Place of Origin: The Tunguska Crater

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Siberian Monster Zone

Height: 100 feet

Length: 145 feet

Biology: A massive terror bird, Raroga’s large head, small forearms, and thick hind legs are considered an example of Tyrannosation – i.e. the tendency for some terrestrial carnivores in the fossil record to imitate the form of Paleo Tyrant retrosaurs in terms of bodily proportions.  With a bone-breaking beak, immense spurs on its hindlegs, and thick skin, Raroga shows that the fierce body plan that made retrosaurs so effective at dominating the predatory niche can work for avians as well.

Raroga sports the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: Raroga is a consummate hunter, and even seems to have a sense of sport.  The massive avian spends most of its waking moments seeking out fellow kaiju to fight, and will pursue its prey to the ends of the earth if need be.  Thankfully for humanity, it doesn’t consider creatures as small as humans viable prey, and generally avoids human settlements so long as the kaiju it hunts aren’t in them.

The terror bird primarily relies on her brute strength to win battles, and to be fair, she has plenty to spare.  With her bone-crushing beak, vicious kicks, long heel spurs, and powerful legs, Raroga has overpowered dozens of foes with relative ease.  However, when push comes to shove the bird can also prove incredibly cunning, and is nowhere near as easy to trick as many assume given her brutal fighting style.

Though she has a tendency to be a violent brute, Raroga has a strange sense of honor.  She doesn’t fight foes with obvious weaknesses, and often allows enemies that put up a good fight to live.  As more than a few kaiju scientists have noted, Raroga wants to be challenged more than she wants to hurt others.  While not as overtly heroic as some kaiju, there have been moments where Raroga joined with other monsters to fight a greater threat, and it is possible she may mellow out with time.

Her general disinterest in humanity combined with her predatory attitude towards other kaiju has made Raroga an invaluable part of the Siberian Monster Zone’s security protocols, as the giant bird has taken quite well to being the kaiju sanctuary’s warden.

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ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 5: Sirinost

B5 Sirinost

Aliases: The Colossal Talon

Date Discovered: June 26th, 1957

Place of Origin: The Tunguska Crater

Notable Stomping Grounds: Moscow, The Siberian Monster Zone

Height: 100 feet

Wingspan: 250 feet

Biology: One of the more powerful kaiju to rampage through the U.S.S.R., Sirinost is an immense vulture with bright red plumage and ashen gray skin.  Coloration and size is not all that sets her apart from her mundane kin, however, as Sirinost’s feathers have an odd composition that allows them to create sparks when rustled the correct way.  With strategic flapping, Sirinost is actually able to kick up jets of flame with its wings, and, perhaps because of this, is also far more resistant to fire and heat than other kaiju.

Sirinost’s full power set is as follows:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Fire-starter feathers
  • Heat resistant skin

Personality:  One of the more famous kaiju in the U.S.S.R., Sirinost gained notoriety when she first appeared from the Tunguska Crater by proving almost impossible to destroy or corral.  The enormous bird evaded almost every attack sent after her and shrugged off the few that managed to land, all while grounding most air traffic as she embarked on a whirlwind tour of Russia.

However, despite causing a great deal of panic and mayhem, Sirinost proved to be a fairly docile.  She shows no interest in hunting humanity, and even lacks the competitive urge to brawl with her fellow kaiju, generally flying away when others try to initiate a destructive duel with her.  The threat she poses is mainly from her enormous size and exploratory nature – it’s very hard to keep Sirinost in a defined territory, and as such she often unintentionally threatens human settlements with the collateral damage of her visits.

When forced into combat, Sirinost is a fierce enemy.  Her special feathers allow her to rain fire down upon her opponents, and the few battles the bird has taken part in quickly turn into raging infernos.  Her beak and talons are formidable weapons as well, and the vulture has a surprising amount of muscle packed onto her hollow boned frame.   Most enemies learn that it was a mistake to force her into a fight, as Sirinost’s wrath is hard to contain once it is unleashed.

Though she doesn’t seek it out, Sirinost is open to friendly company, and has been spotted socializing with some of the U.S.S.R.’s more affable kaiju in the Siberian Monster Zone.  It is hoped that eventually she may make enough friends to finally settle down and stop her somewhat destructive exploring sprees.

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