Monster Menageries

Monster Menageries

This section of the website will focus on different bestiaries I’m working on for various stories, skewing from sci-fi tales of robots and atomic monsters to fantasy stories about dragons, demons, and other magical creatures.  Menageries include:


The A.T.O.M. Kaiju Files mostly consist of profiles for the various giant monsters of my upcoming novel, The Atomic Time of Monsters.  There are also some bonus files elaborating on aspects of the novel’s setting, as well as a collection of profiles for fan-made kaiju that are considered semi-canonical.


The Midgaheim Bestiary is a biology textbook for creatures that don’t exist – specifically, for magical creatures based on various monsters from different European mythologies.  From well known beasts like dragons and trolls to obscure creatures like nuckelavees and sea bishops, the Midgaheim Bestiary aims to create a massive and complex world filled with impossible creatures from legend and folklore – with a few modern creations just for flair.

4 Horror War: A bestiary of Archetypal Fears or “Arkies” from a hypothetical monster catching game that will never exist.