What is Horror Flora, you ask?  It’s a website featuring articles, reviews, artwork, and original fiction with a focus on monsters, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and mythology.  To be more specific, this website will have three specific types of updates: Creepy Columns, which analyze the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres; Monster Menageries, which include drawings and descriptions of made up creatures; and Terror Tomes, which are various bits of short fiction set in the three aforementioned genres.

Even more specifically, each of those three categories are divided into several smaller features of the site:

Creepy Columns:

• Iconic Characters of Horror Fiction: personal essays that talk about individual characters from horror stories that I find particularly interesting and well done.
• Key Horror Concepts: articles that discuss the different genres, archetypes, and other trends in Horror stories.
• There Goes Tokyo: Reviews and ramblings of different kaiju stories.
• A Different Twilight: An episode by episode review of The Twilight Zone.
• The Bella Wallpaper: A chapter by chapter review of the Twilight saga.
• TT Reviews: Miscellaneous reviews of movies, TV series, etc.
• Night of the Living Blogs: Liveblogs of movies – generally terrible ones.
• Ask TT: The required fanmail blog

Monster Menageries:

• The Bestiary of Plinius: An archive listing all known arcane (magical) creatures on the fictional continents of Midgaheim and Mediterra. Every beast in this section will be inspired by medieval European folklore. It may eventually get companion sections for other mythologies.
• The Key of St. Solomain: A grimoire detailing the personalities, ranks, and brief biographies of various demons in the universe of No Sympathies, along with notes about their real world mythological inspirations.
• Dr. Lerna’s Kaiju Files: Profiles for every kaiju in the world of The Atomic Time of Monsters, aka Tyrantis and his rogues gallery.

Terror Tomes:

• The Madcap Diary: Diary entries from a strange individual in an even stranger world.
• Abstract Alley: Random short fiction, often aiming for a Twilight Zone-ish tone.

But the real long and short of this site is this: this is a place where we ramble about monsters and how much we love them.