Wizard School Mysteries Book 2: Tournament of Death is NOW AVAILABLE!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been thinking, “Man, I sure wish there was some good wizard media for me to enjoy in this, February of 2023.  It sure is a shame there’s nothing wizard-related coming out right now for me to enjoy and indulge this urge to consume a fun story with wizards!  I’d especially like it if said media took place in some sort of school for wizards, so there could be a convenient reason for a bunch of wizards to hang out, and maybe they could have a sort of coming of age journey set alongside the act of solving a magical mystery!  If only such a piece of media existed!”

Well, fret no more!  There is a brand-spanking-new piece of wizard content, set in a wizard school, with mysteries galore and coming of age drama for your perusal, all available to you now in early February of 2023! That’s right, the second book in my wildly popular Wizard School Mysteries series, Wizard School Mysteries 2: Tournament of Death, is now available for purchase!  Continue the adventures of my bespectacled wizard boy, James Chaucer, and his ragtag group of misfit friends as they uncover a sinister plot at the Academy of Applied Arcana and Magic!  Wizards!  Magic!  Young Love!  Drama!  Death!  It’s got it all!  Here, read the synopsis:

After foiling a kidnapping plot in their first semester, the Meddlesome Youths thought they had surely faced the worst peril the Academy of Applied Arcana and Magic could throw at them. After all, it can’t get much more perilous than fighting off a fairy prince and his army of elves, goblins, and orks, right?

Plus it seems the school itself is set for reverie, as the second semester brings with it the Ultimate Wizard Battle Tournament, a vast test of skill where wizards are invited to test their mettle and spell-casting prowess in a series of one-on-one duels. It’s the wizard equivalent of a joust, with a fabulous prize and all the glory one could hope for.

Yet what should be a friendly competition takes a deadly turn as it becomes clear that one of the competitors has decided fair play isn’t enough, rigging the matches without a care for the safety of the other students. Can our heroes find out who the saboteur is – and, more importantly, will they make it out of the tournament unscathed?

Doesn’t that sound like a hoot?  You can purchase it here!  And hey, if you haven’t read it already, pick up its predecessor, Wizard School Mysteries Book 1: The Meddlesome Youths, because this is the kind of series that really should be read in order, and also because it’s good and hey, that’s TWICE the wizard school content for your wizard loving heart!

And if you don’t want to support the evil empire of the Dark Lord Jeff Bezos, shoot me a DM and we can work out getting you a signed copy – i.e. a copy of the book that I order from Amazon at the cost of production (as in “amazon doesn’t make a profit”), autograph, and then send to you for the price of the book ($15) plus whatever shipping ends up being.

There you go, fam!  Now you don’t have to worry about dying of wizard famine.  I have fed you the good wizard content you crave, and indeed, the only wizard content you’ll need this month.

And it only costs $15!

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2 Responses to Wizard School Mysteries Book 2: Tournament of Death is NOW AVAILABLE!

  1. saurotitan says:

    I JUST finished book one this afternoon. That right there is some real magic!


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