ATOM Bonus Kaiju File TD 3: Argonautilus (aka Scuttlebutt and TALOS)

This ATOM Bonus Kaiju File was created by Dragonzilla for the the ATOM Create a Kaiju Contest 3-D!  The illustration and profile here is based on their work, and I highly recommend you check out their other work!

Aliases: The Soldier Crab

Date Unveiled/Discovered: July 9, 1960 (Scuttlebutt)

Place of Origin: Aegean Sea (Scuttlebutt)

Notable Stomping Grounds: Bermuda Kaiju Sanctuary, Mediterranean Sea

Height: 30 feet (Scuttlebutt), 100 feet (TALOS)

Length: 60 feet (Scuttlebutt)

Biology (Scuttlebutt): Resembling a bizarre cross between a hermit crab and a mollusk, Scuttlebutt isn’t all that impressive as kaiju go. She’s small, slow, and for the most part squishy. She’s stronger than her size would suggest, but her claws are so small that they can’t effectively harm other kaiju. However, her bio-electric nature allows her to integrate with the TALOS mecha, which she wears like a suit of armor, moving the arms and legs as if they were natural extensions of her own body.

Scuttlebutt sports the following special abilities:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Bio-electric communication with machinery

Arsenal (TALOS):

  • Promelion Artificial Pilot Intelligence, or P.A.P.I.
  • Mechanical strength on par with a Kaiju of equal size
  • Xeno-Titanium armor
  • Gravity Manipulation Cannons in limbs

Personalities: TALOS’s revolutionary AI puts it on par with a human in terms of intelligence and problem-solving, though if one were to actually talk to it, they might think it’s a stiff or more generously a consummate professional. It’s fortunate then that its occupation is preserving life. It genuinely cares about it mission, even if its single-mindedness still comes across as robotic. Initially its partnership with Scuttlebutt was done out of pragmatism, but it has since come to respect the kaiju’s willingness to face her fears and stand up for others.

When Scuttlebutt first crawled out of the ocean, she was timid and confused. Thrust into a world of giants at a severe disadvantage, her first encounter with another kaiju was unfortunately with Pandemonium, a bully and a brute. She would have liked nothing better than to crawl into a nice, dark, safe hole. Yet TALOS’s words, and seeing the misery left in Pandemonium’s wake, awoke something in Scuttlebutt: a desire to look out for the little guy.

Though initially a partnership of convenience – TALOS had been left hobbled while fighting against an opponent neither it nor Scuttlebutt could defeat on their own – the unlikely duo has proven to be an effective team, with Scuttlebutt content to remain inside her mechanical friend, and TALOS glad to have the crab looking out for him on the field of battle.

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