Horror Flora 6th Anniversary Creepy Column Jam

How time flies, eh? Horror Flora’s been a little quiet this year (writing novels will do that to ya), but I want to celebrate the anniversary of this site with a bang. I aim to update some of the monster menageries in the coming weeks and hopefully squeeze in an article or two (there’s a Between Logic and Enchantment update I’ve had in my to-do pile for a couple years now). And I especially have to get the last few winners of the previous ATOM Create A Kaiju Contest finished and uploaded, it’s way overdue.

But I know a lot of you really dig it when I open the site to submissions, so I’m going to give the people what they want this year. This year you can submit up to three articles, much as in years past.


This time, rather than limiting it to just ICHFS, you can write articles for any of my Creepy Columns!

Wanna write about a great kaiju movie you love and why you think it’s great? Then make a There Goes Tokyo submission!

Want to discuss a work of fantasy fiction you love and how it plays with fantasy tropes in ways you find interesting and noteworthy? Between Logic and Enchantment is open to you!

Just wanna gush about some monster designs! Well now YOU can control the Monster Spotlight!

Have a franchise you love but would utterly ruin if you were put in charge of it? Well this year, my friend, you can tell us How YOU’D Ruin It!

And of course, if you still want to write about an Iconic Character of Horror Fiction (or two, or three), that’s still available to you.

Mix and match how you please! You get three entries, so make ’em count!

Like previous calls for entries, you will be credited for your work with links to whatever websites you want people to follow you on, should you so desire. I may edit your work slightly for readability (i.e. correct typos I spot), but I promise not to tinker in any significant way. I do ask that you provide any pictures you would like your article to be accompanied by, and this time I’d also kinda like you to write your own short author biography because that part’s been tedious the last time I did these contests and it literally just struck me that you guys would probably do a better job of it anyway.

So please send your submissions to askhorrorflora@horrorflora.com by Ocotober 23rd, 2002.

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2 Responses to Horror Flora 6th Anniversary Creepy Column Jam

  1. Nickel Smart says:

    What is the limit for the amount of ICHFs one person can write?


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