4 Horror War DLC1: The Reanimated Family

Last year for the site’s anniversary, I dropped dozens of monsters for 4 Horror War, a purely hypothetical mons game I made up in homage of a bunch of horror characters I like. Well, one of the things I’m doing this year is the first 4 Horror War DLC, House of 4 Horror War. There will be sixteen new arky families for your perusal this month. Today’s family belongs to Atomic Horror, THE REANIMATED FAMILY!

Convinced that death can be conquered through the power of science, the wicked Reanim will stop at nothing to prove that it has conquered death. Though antisocial and self-centered, this arky excels at healing its fellows, even being able to restore slain arkies to life without a rejuvenation machine.

After dying four times in combat, Reanim can evolve into Hedzed. Superficially resembling a zombie, this reanimated corpse carries around its own head, and unfortunately no longer has mastery over the process of reviving the dead, though its attack power is significantly improved to compensate.

If encouraged to experiment with its undead physiology, Hedzed can evolve into Punkenstein. Though its new prosthetic limbs are crude in their construction, they prove more than capable of dealing great damage to foes, which is what really matters to an arky anyway.

If told its body is holding it back, Hedzed can evolve into Panjan. Though pathetic in appearance, this living severed head is nonetheless a potent threat, as its psychic attacks can deal great damage, its small size makes it hard to hit, and its wretched state psyches out a lot of enemies when they merely look at it.

If put on a team with the Mechanikill arky ATST 2099, Reanim can evolve into Acabot. Forsaking arcane chemical concoctions for the power of machinery, this horrid cyborg has traded its humanity away for firepower, even to the point of having its will subverted by the programming of its corporate masters.

If encouraged to forsake even the appearance of a human form, Acabot can evolve into Humatrix. A massive and inhuman mechanical monstrosity powered by a comatose human battery, this titan of destruction shows humanity what life could be like if its machines took over for good.

If taken to outer space, Acabot can evolve into Cybdrone. Now a hodgepodge of different alien technologies, this deadly cyborg has deflector shields, a deadly laser canon, and mind-controlling nanoprobes to make it a formidable threat on the battlefield.

If given the Dead Sea Scrolls, Acabot can evolve into Gelevan. Though it now stands several stories high, this titanic metal-plated monster is still human beneath its advanced mechanical armor, and excels at fighting enemies in close range.

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3 Responses to 4 Horror War DLC1: The Reanimated Family

  1. Hamfisty says:

    Truly fitting that the Eva expy, despite a hint of Gundam seasoning, sticks with its tried-and-true Fancily-Named Knife to gank meaty foes in proper vicious, drawn-out arky fashion.


  2. Hamfisty says:

    Oh, and the busted-up cannon barrel & Borg glare seriously bring Cybdrone together.


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