4 Horror War DLC1: The Gaiju Family

Last year for the site’s anniversary, I dropped dozens of monsters for 4 Horror War, a purely hypothetical mons game I made up in homage of a bunch of horror characters I like. Well, one of the things I’m doing this year is the first 4 Horror War DLC, House of 4 Horror War. There will be sixteen new arky families for your perusal this month. Today’s family belongs to Atomic Horror, THE GAIJU FAMILY!

Awoken from its slumber by a nuclear blast, Fogfathom is a prehistoric leviathan that thawed out of the ice to menace humanity. Though slow and cumbersome, this monster’s high health pool, defenses, and physical prowess make it a dangerous foe, as does a radioactive bacteria that follows it around and slowly enemies the longer it remains on the field.

After fighting four battles in a body of water (be it ocean, river, or lake), Fogfathom can mutate into Sextapus. Though it only has six tentacles, this colossal cephalopod is adamant that it is actually a normal octopus, and that its other two tentacles are just conveniently hiding out of sight. No one buys this.

If allowed to binge fast-talking 1930s screwball comedies, Fogfathom can evolve into >Battleship. As its name implies, this massive extraterrestrial bird is larger and more impressive than any battleship, with enormous rending talons and an antimatter shield to protect it from harm.

If >Battleship levels up in a flying saucer, it can evolve into Giantessa. Now a gigantic humanoid made by cosmic radiation, this arky is the fastest monster in the Gaiju family, moving with incredible speed and fluidity, though its hands alternate between moving with unnatural stiff-ness and an even more bizarre floppiness.

After reading some old-fashioned comic books, Fogfathom can mutate into Krorm. Though not as durable as the other members of the Gaiju family, this monster makes up for its shortcomings by having a variety of physical and magical attacks and an excellent fashion sense, as well as a tendency to spout some of the most beautifully melodramatic prose imaginably.

After having a philosophical discussion about Clarke’s law and whether there is truly a distinction between magic and science, Krorm can mutate into Drangdroom. Now focusing primarily on long-range magic attacks, this fire-breathing dragon is hardier than most magic-reliant arkies, capable of tanking several hits while flying through the air raining death from above.

If given a camcorder to play with, Fogfathom can mutate into Poseylawn. A precocious infant with a wide-eyed sense of wonder, this still-gigantic monster child is entirely unaware of the destruction its mammoth form can wreak, and views all of its battles as play-fights, even when tearing enemies apart.

If put on a team with the Kaiju arky Garagon, Poseylawn can be inspired to mutate into Slagthot. Both and homage to and evolution of the giant monster traditions of the East and West, Slagthot’s powerful, six-limbed body is bristling with weapons. Whether they’re obvious like its hooked talons and scythe-like nasal horn, surprising like its acidic spit, or hidden in plain sight like its detachable tail and retractable wings, this monster has a million ways to tear its enemies to pieces.

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5 Responses to 4 Horror War DLC1: The Gaiju Family

  1. saurotitan says:

    No clue what the giant woman is a reference to, but the others seem to fall readily within my understanding of giant monster movies. I love the terrible claw reference, it’s classically clever.


    • tyrantisterror says:

      The giant woman is an homage to the various giant humans of atom age giant monster movies – The Amazing Colossal Man, War of the Colossal Beast, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Village of Giants, etc. Her costume references a few different female alien invaders from the same time period.

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  2. Hamfisty says:

    Loving (a) the new arky categories, (b) the realization that enough skellies have easily been introduced for 2 & 1/2 teams, and (c) the Cloverfield-Pacific Rim connection. Though the last one’s name does kinda bug me in a ‘continues a sexist trend’ sense. Why not ‘Hitachi’ or somesuch?


    • tyrantisterror says:

      Fair point with the Pacific Rim homage’s name, though I don’t know if giving it a random Japanese word for a name would necessarily be less offensive.


      • Hamfisty says:

        Eh, just seems less likely to rankle in the same way. Half-baked suggestion: ‘Combotachi’ to reference all those extra limbs & weapons.


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