4 Horror War DLC1: The Burtoneer Family

Last year for the site’s anniversary, I dropped dozens of monsters for 4 Horror War, a purely hypothetical mons game I made up in homage of a bunch of horror characters I like. Well, one of the things I’m doing this year is the first 4 Horror War DLC, House of 4 Horror War. There will be sixteen new arky families for your perusal this month. Today’s family belongs to Gothic Horror, THE BURTONEER FAMILY!

Wearing its own shed skin as a protective coat, Ectoverm is a hardy brawler who specializes in hitting evasive enemies, chasing down even the most elusive foes and dealing extra damage to creatures who try to prevent others from hitting them.

If allowed to post an advertisement for their services on Spooky Greg’s List, Ectoverm can evolve into Bugverage. Though sleazy and purposely irritating, Bugverage has a bizarre sort of charisma that keeps people’s attention, and makes an unexpectedly good leader for arky teams he’s put on, and at the very least an excellent distraction.

If asked to take the whole being dead thing a bit more seriously, Bugverage can evolve into Lydeet. This strange and unusual arky boasts a potent arsenal of magic attacks, and works especially well with arkies from the Ghost family.

If put on a team with the Revenant arky Saleve, Ectoverm can evolve into Skelliman. Curious and sweet-natured, this arky is something of a jack-of-all-trades statwise, dealing solid physical and magical damage, boasting decent defenses and a good health pool, and even having a variety of buffs to help it synergize with any other monsters it is teamed with.

If asked to be a bit meaner with their scaring tactics, Skelliman can evolve into Bugiwugi. Though portly and slow-moving, Bugiwugi boasts a variety of long-range attacks, most of which involve showering opponents with swarms of flesh-eating bugs and other creepy crawlies.

If given a bone as a snack, Ectoverm can evolve into Goodboi. Though its long snout, needle-like teeth, skull-shaped nose, and rotting, stitched-together body make its resemblance to a dog specious at best, this arky nonetheless acts like a typical pet dog, albeit one whose bones glow with an eerie light and who occasionally spits electricity instead of slobber.

After racking up four kills in battle, Goodboi can evolve into Ratwulf. A bit more human in intelligence and mindset, this arky primarily relies on brute force, rushing headlong into battle to rend opponents with its jaws and fangs.

If given a stack of Penny Dreadful magazines, Ectoverm can evolve into Closhave. Though vengeful and sullen by nature, this arky is a surprisingly good team player, restoring its allies’ health with delicious meat pies whenever it manages to slay an opponent in battle.

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