4 Horror War DLC1: The Wonderhell Arkies

Last year for the site’s anniversary, I dropped dozens of monsters for 4 Horror War, a purely hypothetical mons game I made up in homage of a bunch of horror characters I like. Well, one of the things I’m doing this year is the first 4 Horror War DLC, House of 4 Horror War. There will be sixteen new arky families for your perusal this month. Today’s family belongs to Cosmic Horror, THE WONDERHELL FAMILY!

Falling down a rabbithole into a world of mind-bending terror, Aliddel may not seem like much at first, but her open-mind and proficiency with edged weapons makes her a surprisingly adaptable fighter, capable of working with both long and close range strategies, and with magic and physical attacks in equal measure. While not a master of any one strategy, there are few battle plans that Aliddel can’t contribute to.

After spending an entire battle confused, Aliddel can evolve into Catshred. An unpredictable magic specialist, this toothy feline may not be able to survive a lot of punishment, but is fast and evasive enough to dance around whatever its enemies throw at it. It is also extremely resistant to being confused or misdirected, as Catshred already has a few screws loose.

If given a good cup of tea, Catshred can evolve into Bowdlam. Filled with manic energy, this large-headed monster trades the magic proficiency of its predecessor for an array of physical attacks, lashing out at enemies with a whirlwind of fast and brutal slashes.

If given a pocketwatch, Aliddel can evolve into Latelepus. Desperate for attention, this speedy rabbit excels at drawing fire away from its fellow monsters, while simultaneously dodging most attacks thrown at it.

If given a vorpal blade, Latelepus can evolve into Jabberzom. The largest of the Wonderhell arkies, this powerful foe is a terror to behold, its rotting, chimeric carcass filling the battlefield with a foul reek as it burbles flame upon its enemies.

If put on a team with the Lovecraft Pantheon arky Yelloking, Latelepus can evolve into Redheart. Boasting a variety of magic attacks and supreme defensive capabilities, this slow-moving arky also excels at inspiring its team-mates to commit violence on its behalf.

If fed a size-changing cookie, Aliddel can devolve into Butterpillar, a bloated worm with an inflated sense of self importance. Though not much of a physical threat, it can create a variety of illusions with its hazy hookah smoke, and can buff its allies with various magic confectionary treats.

After being pushed off from a perch upon a very high place, Butterpillar can evolve into Crumpdump. Still obnoxious and self absorbed, this arky’s attack power increases whenever it is damaged.

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