ATOM Bonus Kaiju File TD 1: The Yamaneolith

This ATOM Bonus Kaiju File was created by PolygonFighter for the Revenge of the ATOM Create a Kaiju Contest!  The illustration and profile here is based on their work, and I highly recommend you check out their other work!

Aliases: The Spire, the Source, the Glowing Hymn

Date Discovered: July 20, 1969

Place of Origin: Earth’s Moon

Notable Stomping Grounds: Lone Pine, California; Hampton, Virginia; Moffet Field; Brook Park, Ohio; Edwards Air Force Base; San Gabriel Valley; Huntsville, Alabama; Greenbelt, Maryland; Hancock County, Mississippi; Houston, Texas; Cape Canaveral

Height: variable, but never shorter than 100 feet

Biology: Whether or not the Yamaneolith can actually be considered a lifeform is a matter of some contention. At a cursory glance, it appears to simply be a large deposit of Yamaneon crystals, and even its ability to move under its own power is not unheard of in other deposits. What primarily separates it from other Yamaneon deposits is the fact that it moves with clear and undeniable purpose, though its intentions remain unclear.

First discovered on the moon, the Yamaneolith exploded into a pillar of light that touched the earth, and soon spawned in the crater formed on earth’s crust by this contact. It has since reformed itself only to explode, crumble to dust, and reform elsewhere on the planet countless times over, all for purposes that are only apparent to it. What the Yamaneolith is and why it does this remains, as ever, unclear.

If one accepts the (dubious and hotly debated) hypothesis that Yamaneon itself is an organism, then the hypothesis that the Yamaneolith is, in essence, a Yamaneon cluster that is being parasitized by ANOTHER mineral-based lifeform may hold water. Indeed, every incarnation of the mysterious being features at least one crystal buried deep within its mass that is not composed of Yamaneon, which seems to serve as the mineral-based entity’s “eye.”

As befits such a strange entity, the Yamaneolith has a unique powerset:

  • Dense crystalline hide
  • Yamaneon Radiation Beam (i.e. “the kaiju healing ray”)
  • Yamaneon Draining Beam (i.e. “the kaiju dessication ray”)
  • Gravity Manipulation Beam
  • Hard Light Strike Beam
  • Explosive Teleportation
  • Kaiju-specific Telepathy and Mind Control

Personality: Being such an alien entity, the Yamaneolith’s personality is hard to describe, if it can even be said to have one. Its spends most of its time in motionless observation, rarely if ever initiating contact with other beings of its own accord. When forced to fight, it tends to behave defensively, prioritizing its own safety over the defeat of its enemies.

The rare kaiju who are capable of verbal communication have given accounts of there being some sort of consciousness in the Yamaneolith. They describe it as similar to the “singing” of their bones (a strange phenomenon that those in favor of the “Yamaneon is an organism” hypothesis have made much of), although in this case the singing of Yamaneolith is distinctly intrusive and unwelcome, as if the kaiju can sense there is something “off” about this particular deposit.

When coming into contact with kaiju, the Yamaneolith is notably fickle and inconstant in how it reacts, healing and harming its fellow giants with no real rhyme or reason. For their part, kaiju treat the mineral cluster with fear and suspicion, instinctively avoiding it whenever given the choice to.

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