ATOM Volume 2: Tyrantis Roams the Earth! is now available for purchase!

You know how activity on this site has been pretty sporadic over the last year? And how the last time that happened it was because I was finishing up my second novel? Well, guess what? I just finished novel number 3!

ATOM Volume 2: Tyrantis Roams the Earth is now available for purchase! Which means I’m now available to do other stuff for a bit. Please consider supporting the site by checking it out, won’t you? It’s good! Just follow the hyperlink there and buy it in either paperback or ebook!

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3 Responses to ATOM Volume 2: Tyrantis Roams the Earth! is now available for purchase!

  1. saurotitan says:

    I’m glad to see you’re back, and I now have college graduation gift money to put into purchasing your book! I’m trying my own hand at getting published as an author, and your work has been an inspiration to me. I even wrote a short essay about that time I accidentally insulted your characters – it got me an “A” a few semesters back! One question: this says it’s the end of an arc – anything else in the old brainpan ready to leap onto the page? Also, I’m looking for a proofreader for one of my 3-page short stories, and you seem like the kind of person who could “cope” with my blending of genres. Would you be up for trying a retelling of Beowulf?

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    • tyrantisterror says:

      Thank you for such kind words! I’m taking a break from novel writing for the rest of the year – I’ve been at it for eight years straight at this point, and I think it might be wise to take a bit of time to recharge on that front, do some smaller scale projects. I have a lot of ideas for books I want to write after this, but I’m going to wait before I commit to another big project for a bit – see what gels and do my best to avoid burnout.


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