ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 23: Atomic Frankenstein

B23 Atomic Frankenstein

Aliases: Big Frank, The Amazing Colossal Corpse

Date Discovered: October 23rd, 1956

Place of Origin: Mojave Desert

Notable Stomping Grounds: Mojave Desert, Echidna Island

Height: 140 feet

Biology:  Created from human remains, the Atomic Frankenstein began as Dr. Pamela Birkin’s attempt to resuscitate dead tissue and bring it to new life.  While considered only a partial success by her superiors in the Spooks Organization, Pamela nurtured her creation even when ordered to dispose of it, and further strengthened it with various serums and other procedures designed to build a better human.  When she discovered the power of Yamaneon radiation (which she had been purposely kept out of the loop about), she quickly finished some last minute upgrades to the corpse creature before turning it into a giant – and thus the Atomic Frankenstein was born.

The Atomic Frankenstein sports the following powers:

  • Super strength (even by kaiju standards)
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Static Shocks from fingers
  • Glows in the dark

Personality: Though technically a living being, the Atomic Frankenstein’s biochemistry is a chaotic mess of hormones and toxins, many of which were designed to give the creature phenomenal powers that have been rendered slightly less notable now that he has been turned into a kaiju.  While he is theoretically capable of human-level intelligence, his frequent mood swings and short attention span keep him in a stunted child-like state, prone to violent tantrums and other extreme emotional reactions.

His fearsome appearance is somewhat misleading – while the Atomic Frankenstein has enough raw power to manhandle most kaiju with ease, he normally isn’t a very violent creature, and what outbursts he has are usually spurred by the actions of others.  When frightened he may push others out of his way, and when angry he is prone to stamping his feet and screaming, but ultimately the Atomic Frankenstein is a gentle soul who is burdened with more strength than he knows how to handle.

Those who show kindness to the Atomic Frankenstein earn his devotion, and the only times the monster has intentionally caused harm were a result of others hurting those he has decided to care for.  In these situations the full power of this mutant brute is unleashed, and few have survived the wrath that follows.

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