ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 22: Gabelgil

B22 Gablegill

Aliases: Pamela Irons’s Fish Man

Date Discovered: October 23rd, 1956

Place of Origin: Mojave Desert

Notable Stomping Grounds: Mojave Desert, Typhon Island

Height: 100 feet

Biology: The last in a long line of experiments to make an amphibious humanoid capable of colonizing the deep sea, the exact nature of Gabelgil’s biology was lost when his creator destroyed her laboratory – and with it, all record of her research.  While Gabelgil appears to be a hybrid of human and fish, whether he is a fish that has been mutated to look like a man, or a human that was mutated to resemble a fish, is unclear, as is whether he is an actual hybrid or merely an extreme mutation.

The question of Gabelgil’s origin may be moot, as in all other respects he is exactly what he looks like: an amphibious humanoid with all the brainpower of a human while being adapted to live on both land and sea.

Gabelgil’s powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: Though incapable of speech, Gabelgil has proven time and again to have the complex emotions and thoughts of a human being, making him one of the most intelligent kaiju on the planet.  An imaginative creature, the fishman often spends his time daydreaming various flights of fancy, and is even something of an artist, often drawing crude images in the dirt with his claws.  Many who have observed Gabelgil find themselves pitying the creature, as he clearly struggles with his inability to properly express his thoughts.

That said, Gabelgil isn’t exactly lonely, as the fishman’s amiable nature and compassion have won him many friends among his fellow kaiju.  One could say he is a romantic in the classic sense of the term, as he values beauty of all forms and is determined to protect all that he finds laudable in the world.  A loyal companion with a kind heart, Gabelgil is trusted by many in the giant monster community, even if most of them can’t understand some of his stranger behaviors.

Gabelgil’s creativity and intelligence serve him well on the battlefield, as the clever fishman can out-think most of his fellow monsters with ease, use the environment to his advantage, and quickly pinpoint his enemy’s weak spots.  The fishman can even create crude weapons to help him fight, and his amphibious form is just as adept fighting in the water as it is on land.  With hard armor and sharp claws to defend himself, Gabelgil is a versatile warrior with the heart of a poet.

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