ATOM Bonus Kaiju File RC1: Rohobaron

r1 Rohobaron

This ATOM Bonus File was created by BugCthulhu for the Revenge of the ATOM Create a Kaiju Contest.  The design and profile displayed here was adapted from his work, and I highly recommend you check out BugCthulhu’s other work!

Date Discovered: August 7th, 1957

Place of Origin: Speculated to be Area 51, first discovered in the Mojave Desert

Notable Stomping Grounds: Mojave Desert, Typhon Island

Height: 120 feet

Length: 200 feet

Biology: The exact origin of Rohobaron is unknown.  While most kaijuologists chock the creature up to being yet another surviving retrosaur, a persistent rumor/hypothesis posits that it is actually a hybrid monster made in Area 51, which escaped when the now infamous Spooks facility was torn open by a kaiju attack in 1955.  While considered outlandish at first, this theory gained traction once the technology to analyze DNA became more widely known, as Rohobaron’s genetic code makes it hard to place among the many known retrosaurs – it has genes from a variety of different species in different clades, and a few that are more in line with modern crocodilians.  Combined with Rohobaron’s most unusual power, once could make a case for Rohobaron being one of Area 51’s many attempts to workshop a variety of enhanced abilities through kaiju.

Rohobaron’s power set includes:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Ability to raise body heat high enough to burn others with a touch

Personality:  Rohobaron is a surprisingly sensitive kaiju and quick to latch on to others, but is both not very bright and very easy to rile up. The slightest provocation will see him picking fights with friend or foe alike, or shoving himself in those he has no stake over, and, perhaps aware of his sheer might, he has a tendency to loudly and clumsily “show off” to allies, as if convincing them what a good choice they made having him by their side. But despite these quirks, he’s proved time and time again to be viciously loyal and protective of those willing to accept him, leaping straight into the most harrowing battles or the most formidable of opponents without a shred of fear or self-preservation, putting his life on the line for the sake of his friends….though it tends to fall on the latter to rein him in before he self-destructs.

Rohobaron is especially infuriated by those that would pick on smaller, weaker creatures, which has earned him a sort of following among the less powerful kaiju. If left to his own devices (i.e. alone) he becomes considerably more sullen and inactive, spending most of his time sleeping.

His vocalizations range from a deep, warbling throat-rumble to a trumpeting roar between an explosion and a raid siren. Steam copiously vents from his maw when ticked off.

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