ATOM Bonus Kaiju File RC2: Orothorn

r2 Orothorn

This ATOM Bonus File was created by Dragonseeker-Rex for the Revenge of the ATOM Create a Kaiju Contest.  The design and profile displayed here was adapted from his work, and I highly recommend you check out Dragonseeker-Rex’s other work!

Date Discovered:  May 11, 1958

Place Of Origin:  The Sonoran Desert, near Patagonia, AZ

Notable Stomping Grounds:  Sonoran Desert, Yucca Flat, Typhon Island

Height: 79 feet

Length:  106 feet

Biology:  Like monsters such as Gorale and the Writhing Flesh, Orothorn is an example of a hybrid kaiju born from a sudden, explosive burst of Yamaneon radiation, though in Orothorn’s case the mashup was significantly more elegant than normal.  Retaining the general shape of the gilded flicker woodpecker that makes up part of his biology, Orothorn’s chimeric nature would be easy to miss if it weren’t for his green coloration and the many needles that protect his body.  The cactus DNA is nowhere near as dominant as the bird DNA in this hybrid, though it is present enough to allow the bird to photosynthesize light.

Orothorn’s power set consists of:

  • Super Strength
  • An Enhanced Healing Factor
  • Immunity to Radiation
  • Sonic scream(Used only as a desperation move, as he prefers to use his voice to sing pretty tunes)

Personality:  Friendly, cheerful, and inquisitive, Orothorn wishes to emulate the heroics of the singing vigilante cowboy, The Golden Spur.  Whether that entails defending the innocent, or simply delighting others with his beautiful birdsong, his acts throughout the American Southwest and Mexico eventually earn him the title of Arizona’s State Kaiju.

Orothorn is unique among kaiju in that his original pre-kaiju self was actually a trained/domesticated creature, which makes the bird-plant hybrid uniquely skilled at interacting with humans without harming them.  Lacking the clumsiness of other well-meaning kaiju and having a great skill in following directions, Orothorn is not only one of the most benevolent kaiju known, but one of the most useful in humanity’s quest to survive the Atomic Time of Monsters.

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