ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 18: Necronychus

B18 Necronychus

Aliases: Ol’ Rattlehorn

Date Discovered: October 23rd, 1956

Place of Origin: Mojave Desert

Notable Stomping Grounds: Mojave Desert, Typhon Island

Height: 80 feet (130 with head held high)

Length: 200 feet

Biology: Necronychus is one of the odder reptilian kaiju ever discovered, with its superficially snake-like head at odds with its four powerful and almost ape-like limbs.  Despite its gorilla-like build, the massive reptile’s limbs are splayed out like its lizard relatives, and its disproportionately large forearms seem to have evolved for digging rather than climbing trees.  Where it fits in the reptile family tree is also an unanswered question – it shares anatomical details with both varanid lizards and snakes, and seems to have a lot in common with the prehistoric snake kaiju Gorgolisk.  The most accepted hypothesis is that Necronychus is some strange prehistoric offshoot – an evolutionary dead-end in the lineage of lizards who would become snakes.

Necronychus sports the following powers:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Mild neurotoxin venom

Personality: Like the pit vipers she superficially resembles, Necronychus is a high strung creature whose default emotion is a seething irritability.  The massive desert-dwelling reptile is highly territorial and generally dislikes company, hissing threateningly at any creature that dares to approach it.  Those who ignore her warnings will promptly be subjected to a vicious beatdown, as Necronychus does not hold back when her boundaries need to be reinforced.

Despite her surly, antisocial attitude, Necronychus isn’t a wicked monster, and is generally content to let other creatures be so long as they retreat.  Creatures that are persistent in approaching her but also listen to each of her warnings and back off may also slowly earn her trust, and a select few kaiju are privileged to actually be tolerated by the aggressive lizard.  While not an affectionate or pleasant friend to have, Necronychus is dependable in a pinch, and anyone who picks on the creatures she has deigned to tolerate will quickly learn how brutal the reptile’s unleashed fury truly is.

Necronychus’s fighting style appears clumsy at first glance, her spike-covered limbs flailing into her opponents with reckless abandon.  However graceless it may be, it is ultimately a calculated risk – Necronychus knows most enemies can’t dodge her chaotic swipes, and that whatever damage she may risk to herself in the process will be far outweighed by that her foes suffer.  The whirlwind of powerful blows she unleashes is difficult to weather, and Necronychus can stay in the fight far longer than most other kaiju.  Wise kaiju quickly learn it is better to flee from the irritable lizard than fight her, and many consider her one of the most devastating fighters in the kaiju world.

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