ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 17: Gulgek

B17 Gulgek

Date Discovered: October 23rd, 1956

Place of Origin: Mojave Desert

Notable Stomping Grounds: Mojave Desert. Typhon Island

Height: 65 feet

Length: 170 feet

Biology: An example of mild Tyrannosation – i.e. the tendency for non-retrosaur lifeforms to evolve similar body types as Paleo Tyrants – Gulgek is an enormous gecko that is equally skilled at crawling on all fours and running on two legs.  It is believed to be a prehistoric creature that survived in the Yamaneon tunnels, as its anatomy is similar to Correlophus ciliatusa species of gecko that was believed to be extinct at the time of its discovery.  However, the discovery of a living population of C. ciliatus in New Caledonia four decades later puts a little doubt on this hypothesis.  Regardless of whether it has any modern mundane relatives, Gulgek acts much like a young kaiju, and is believed to not be as old as many of the other prehistoric relics that make up its peers.

Gulgek’s powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Sticky pads on feet and semi-prehensile tail

Personality: Few creatures can match the enthusiastic curiosity of Gulgek.  Wide-eyed and full of wonder, the enormous lizard treats every day like a new adventure, and delights in exploring the wide, wide world and meeting all the different creatures that live there.  One would think this would put her in conflict with humanity quite often, but thankfully Gulgek emerged in the vast Mojave Desert, where she remained for a few years before eventually being moved to Typhon Island.

Amiable and sweet, Gulgek makes friends very easily, as her playful personality disarms all but the most vicious of kaiju fairly quickly.  Her friendliness can get her into trouble of course, as most kaiju’s initial reaction is to attack her under the assumption she may be a threat, and some have taken advantage of her kindness.  Though Gulgek’s naive optimism has gotten her into trouble, her cunning mind and quick reflexes have kept her from any lasting harm, and the lizard is quick to forgive the monsters that do her wrong, making it very hard to remain on her bad side.

When forced into a fight, or when play-fighting with her friends, Gulgek is a wily and somewhat frustrating opponent, using her superior reflexes and speed to literally run/hop circles around her opponents.  Lacking any particularly devastating weapons (Gulgek’s teeth and claws are not particularly sharp, and her jaws are likewise not very strong), Gulgek forces her enemies to defeat themselves by over-exertion, exhausting them into submission by dodging everything they throw at her.  Gulgek is also smart enough to use her environment to her advantage – when living in the Mojave, she caused more than a few rock slides to finish off particularly resilient enemies.

Her greatest weapon is her friendliness, however, as few creatures that have fought the gecko remained enemies by the end of her bout.  Many monsters have taken a liking to the amiable lizard, and as a result she has plentiful backup whenever a truly hostile enemy rears its head, as none of her friends would be content to let the little lizard be harmed.  Of course, Gulgek returns this loyalty, and has leapt to the aid of her fellow monsters on many occasions.

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