ATOM Mecha File 4: Big Iron

m4 Big Iron.png

Aliases: Project Thunderchild Mk. 3

Date Unveiled: October 23rd, 1956

Origin: The third mecha created as part of Project Thunderchild, Big Iron is a relic of the project’s initial goal of producing a weapon of destruction, and had to undergo a hasty redesign during its construction phase to be better equipped for the kaiju threat, which resulted in Atomoton, a design that began construction at roughly the same time but was much easier to adapt, being finished first.  Big Iron has the most powerful ranged weaponry of any A.T.O.M. age mecha as a result, but the sheer resilience of most kaiju makes this a slight advantage at best.

Nonetheless, when Atomoton was unveiled to the public and proved to be effective enough at repelling kaiju to be considered a success, Big Iron was greenlit for completion.  Its debut was delayed by the falling out between the United States government and the rogue Spooks Organization (the former officially owned Big Iron, but the later was actually building it within one of their bunkers).  Ironically, the finished mecha’s first mission was to track down and destroy one of the remaining known Spooks Organization outposts, a mission that it barely succeeded in completing.

Height: 100 feet (170 including barrel)


  • Promelion Artificial Pilot Intelligence, or P.A.P.I.
  • Mechanical strength equal to or surpassing a Kaiju of equal size
  • Xeno-Titanium armor
  • Gravity Manipulation Thrusters in torso & feet
  • Mass Annihilation Plasma Cannons (MAPCs)
  • Trigun Mass Annihilation Plasma Blast (requires stance change & charging time)
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