ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 14: Deluxman

b14 Deluxman

Aliases: Asset Heracles, Deluxe Man, Deluksaman, Shinji Hayata

Date Discovered: August 1st, 1958

Place of Origin: Spooks Organization Outpost 66

Notable Stomping Grounds: Spooks Organization Outpost 66,  Mount Rokkô, Osaka, Ogasawara Kaiju Sanctuary

Height: 110 feet

Biology: Originally a human named Shinji Hayata, the kaiju known as Deluxman was subjected to intense experimentation by the Spooks Organization in hopes of creating a perfect kaiju foot-soldier.  His psychic powers were awakened using the same augmentation that was given to the kaiju ape Promythigor, albeit fine tuned so as to be even more potent, and his natural strength and durability was also enhanced even before he was put under the process of atomic fossilization.  Combining all of these enhancements with a great deal of brain-washing and martial arts training, the many experiments that created Deluxman made him one of the most powerful kaiju on the planet, as his above-average power set and specialized combat training make him a fighter beyond compare.

Unfortunately, the experiments that gave Deluxman his powers also had several unfortunate side effects.  Vast patches of his skin fail to grow beyond a few thin, fragile surface layers, and the nerve endings on these patches are thus unusually sensitive.  While Deluxman can survive a great deal more punishment than the average kaiju, he also feels pain far more acutely, and this may explain why he tends to fight so viciously.

Deluxman’s powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Advanced Pyrokinesis
    • Energy Blasts
    • Energy Shields
    • Deluxe Energy Spear
  • Flight via Gravity Manipulation

Personality: Whatever personality Deluxman had before he was turned into a monster exists as little more than a blur in the kaiju’s mind, as the Spooks Organization learned from past mistakes and made sure that their latest weapon would have no memory of the horrific experiments that gave him his immense power, much less the happier, more mundane life that predated them.  Deluxman was (re)born knowing only a few facts that weren’t related to combat techniques: human civilization is precious and needs protection, the world is full of monsters, aliens, and other threats that wish to destroy human civilization, and only Deluxman can stop them.

Unfortunately for the Spooks Organization, a kaiju attack released Deluxman into the world before he could be completely indoctrinated into their planned ideology, and the mutant human quickly ran rampant as humanity’s brutal protector.  Zealous about his mission and eager to get to work, Deluxman carved a violent and bloody path of carnage for several months, earning a mixed reputation among mankind – while many were thankful to be saved by the giant, few who witnessed him in action emerged from the situation without severe psychological scars from the horrific battle that ensued.

Deluxman’s vicious ways eventually mellowed once he encountered a fellow folk hero monster from Japan, the blue beetle Nastadyne, who aided the colossal human in a particularly difficult battle and earned Deluxman’s bewildered respect as a result.  Rethinking his cold attitude towards his fellow titans, Deluxman resolved to be more compassionate, and eventually became a far more friendly and understanding defender of humanity.  While Deluxman’s fighting style is still rather brutal, he leaves most of his opponents live now, and has even managed to make allies among the more emotionally intelligent and mellow monsters in the kaiju world.

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5 Responses to ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 14: Deluxman

  1. Saurotitan says:

    I enjoy your work immensely and ordered your first kaiju novel in hard copy. I only wish that the mammals had a better representative than a hyperactive armadillo, an angry pachyderm collage, and a pyromaniac primate. The old mammoth may not have been your favorite, but perhaps a better candidate could be the flying fox, the prehistoric man-sized lemurs, or a brontotherium- perhaps even an older rhino, with the wishbone-shaped horns, or a ground sloth?


    • Saurotitan says:

      Although I guess the beast above these comments counts as a mammal at some point…


    • tyrantisterror says:

      I’ve been wondering for a while whether or not I should feel insulted by this. At the very least, having the three mammalian monsters I have made be written off as bad characters doesn’t make me feel up to the task of making more.

      There are plenty of other kaiju creators out there, many of whom have made a lot of wonderful mammalian kaiju. The Daikaiju Yuki series in particular has some stellar examples, so maybe it will be more to your liking.


      • Saurotitan says:

        Please don’t feel insulted; I never meant to write them off. I was just trying to be funny. I honestly feel terrible for saying it like that and hope you’ll forgive me. Their stories are great, I just liked the mammoth and the tiger as well. Please continue doing things your way, as I’ve got nowhere near the experience in this style of writing that you do. So, once again, sorry for phrasing my first comment poorly, love promythigor’s inner complexity, and keep doing what you’re doing. Saurotitan out, peace!


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