The Atomic Time of Monsters Volume 1: Tyrantis Walks Among Us Is Now Available!

Vol 1 Cover 6by9 improved.png

My second novel, The Atomic Time of Monsters Volume 1: Tyrantis Walks Among Us! is now available at in paperback and on kindle!  That’s right, all those kaiju profiles were actually serving a higher purpose all along!

As the “volume 1” part of the title implies, this book is only part of my big kaiju story – specifically, it’s the first half of the tale of Tyrantis, my big green fire breathing retrosaur hero.  It’s a complete story in its own right (with a few sequel hooks of course), but if you’re worried about getting the complete story, don’t fear – volume 2 will be out in 2020!

This is a story that I’ve been developing for twenty-four years now, and this particular volume was my largest unseen project for the last three years, so to say I’m excited to have it finally published is a massive understatement!  If you love Horror Flora and want to support my work, consider purchasing it!

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