ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 12: Kramplauf

B12 Kramplauf

Aliases: The Abominable Snow Ape

Date Discovered: June 19th, 1967

Place of Origin: The Himalayan Monster Mountain

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Himalayan Monster Mountain, Beijing, Moscow, Paris, Typhon Island

Height: 125 feet

Biology: More than just a big ape, Kramplauf is actually a kaiju-fied yeti, a species of psychic apes that are closely related to the sasquatches of North America, making Kramplauf something of a distant cousin to the infamous Promythigor (and a less distant cousin to the ape half of Gorale). Kramplauf’s psychic abilities were not altered by human science experiments, however, and as such the big ape relies more on its physical prowess than its supernatural mind.

Kramplauf’s powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Disorientation field – Kramplauf can tamper with other creatures’ sense of direction using its psychic powers, leaving them disorientated and unable to make sense of their surroundings
  • Weather manipulation – Kramplauf can lower the temperature of the surrounding environment (roughly up to 5 square miles), often resulting in strong winds and sometimes even precipitation.  It is theorized that by draining heat from the air, Kramplauf gains energy to sustain its psychic powers.

Personality: Few who have encountered a living yeti speak well of the notorious cryptids, as the abominable snow men are known for their vicious tempers and propensity for man-eating.  Those same rare individuals would blanch at the idea of one of these primates sporting the size, strength, and healing abilities of a kaiju, as the result would be a truly horrendous monsters.  On the surface, Kramplauf lives up to the dread a kaiju-fied yeti would inspire.  Large and strong even by the standards of its kind, Kramplauf is quick to anger and quicker to use violence, challenging almost every monster it meets to brutal combat on sight.

However, Kramplauf is more noble than its brutish exterior might have one think.  The ape notably uses direct and straightforward tactics, never stooping to trickery to gain an upper hand.  Combatants that put up a good, clean fight are shown mercy by the ape, while those that fall too quickly are given a quick and relatively painless end.  Kramplauf reserves its most vicious actions for monsters who reveal a wicked streak, whether it be through cowardice, cruelty, or dirty tactics.

Kramplauf has rarely been bested, but, like most kaiju, holds those few who have defeated it in high esteem.  Though aloof in personality, a highly intelligent creature with complex emotions like Kramplauf ultimately does crave companionship, and though it puts up many barriers against its fellow kaiju, Kramplauf has begrudgingly treated more than a few monsters as friends, or at least respected peers.

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