ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 11: Gorilladon

B11 Gorilladon

Date Discovered: June 19th, 1967

Place of Origin: Dankikang Island

Notable Stomping Grounds: Dankikang Island, Beijing, Moscow, Paris, Typhon Island

Height: 85 feet

Length: 120 feet

Biology: Perhaps the strangest example of Tyrannosation ever discovered, and indeed the species who cemented the odd prevalence of the Paleo Tyrant body plan in nature, Gorilladon’s enormous jaws and thick neck are capable of delivering a truly powerful bite, while its thick hindlimbs give it tremendous speed (although the lack of a counterbalancing tail makes it rather clumsy when not proceeding in a straight line).  An oddity even among the likes of is fellows kaiju, Gorilladon’s quirky appearance is almost misleading, as it is ultimately a simple animal like most of its giant peers.

Gorilladon sports the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: Gorilladon revels in its own strength.  In captivity, the enormous and strange ape has been noted to take boulders and crush them in between its jaws just to show off its physical might to other monsters – an impressive feat that, on one occasion, intimidated a fellow kaiju so hard that it ran off like a child seeking their mother.

Though its movements are graceless to the point of being humorous, Gorilladon makes up for the awkwardness of its build by being bigger, faster, and stronger than most other monsters, all while having enough durability to make up for whatever missteps its cumbersome body may make.  More than one opponent of the ape has laughed at the sight of Gorilladon tripping over its own feet, only to scream in terror when the inertia of the ape’s movement sends its massive body crashing into its enemy with tremendous force.  When Gorilladon stumbles, its enemy takes the fall far harder than the ape itself.

Fancying itself as something of a leader, Gorilladon leaps at the opportunity to take charge of a situation, often rushing headfirst to solve a problem long before it actually thinks about what the solution may be.  On the positive side, this makes Gorilladon a dependable ally, as the ape revels in any opportunity to prove its worth to others, and truly seems to love helping its fellow monsters out.  The downside, of course, is that sometimes Gorilladon’s eager attempt to aid others can just make a situation worse.

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