Profile: Tyrantis

T5 Cancerous Tyrantis

Aliases: True Tyrantis, Terror Tyrantis, Tyrantis the Terrible, Ty Too

Date Discovered: May 10, 2018

Place of Origin: Unknown

Notable Stomping Grounds: San Francisco, Echidna Island

Height: 220 feet

Length: 500 feet

Biology: In many ways similar to the original Tyrantis, this kaiju began as a paleo tyrant living in a subterranean ecosystem cut off from the human civilization on the surface.  Like his counterpart, this Tyrantis’s world was thrown into chaos by an atomic bomb test.  However, this Tyrantis had the unfortunate luck of living in a universe without Yamaneon crystals, and while his the laws of his universe and his unique physiology allowed him to survive the otherwise lethal dose of radiation, his mutation into a colossus was far from pleasant.

Now a bloated, tumor ridden monstrosity, this alternate Tyrantis emerged from his now ruined home into the sunlit world of man,  His bad luck only continued, as his fearsome appearance and agonized flailing served only to strike fear into the hearts of humanity, who immediately tried to destroy him with every weapon at their disposal.  Though he has no more inclination to harm humanity than his counterpart in the world of ATOM, this Tyrantis has a hard time becoming hero he could be.

This Tyrantis’s power set includes

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor beyond any kaiju in the universe of ATOM
  • Radioactive heat ray
  • Gamma Radiation Aura
  • Boiling blood

Personality: Though his mind is wracked with agony and his history with humanity is composed entirely of them hurting him, this Tyrantis is just as compassionate and understanding as the original.  His most passionate desire is to figure out why his body hurts so badly and how to make it stop – once that is accomplished, he would go about searching for what all the various Tyrantises end up searching for: friends and family.  Sadly, his home universe seems almost cruelly designed to keep him from reaching any of these goals.

Luckily, however, his universe is not the only one out there…

~ ~ ~


Author’s Notes: This ATOM Bonus Kaiju File is a bit different than the others, as you may have noticed – instead of representing a different kaiju from Tyrantis’s universe, it represents a Tyrantis from a different universe.  With this final entry, we explore another what-if.  Second to a properly feathered Tyrantis, the other most requested revamp of Tyrantis has been one that makes him a properly fearsome monster, playing the irradiated mutant factor for terror rather than in the tidy, almost glamorous way I have with the canon Tyrantis.  This Tyrantis takes more than a few cues from Shin Godzilla, which gave the same treatment to the King of the Monsters himself.  It’s also inspired by when my old pet bearded dragon lizard got melanoma – he recovered, don’t worry, melanoma isn’t a super huge deal to lizards because their metabolisms are so much slower than ours.  Still, though, the way the tumor sprouted out from beneath and between his scales was fascinatingly gross, and I repeated it here (several times, since again, my lizard’s melanoma never got very serious – it was one tiny lump on his tail, rather than the cornucopia of lumps shown here).  Of course, as with all the previous Tyrantises, this Tyrantis is still the big green lug we know and love – he just has a much harder time getting people to see that.

I hope you all had fun with this self indulgent excursion!  And for those of you who follow this site primarily for the movie reviews, uh, well, it’s gonna be a month or two before those start back up again, so, uh, sorry about the weird monster profile stuff that probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to you without context.

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