Monster File: Tyrantis

T3 Dinosaur Tyrantis

Height: 60 feet at the hip

Length: 220 feet

Powers/Weapons: Supernatural strength, rapid healing ability, combustible methane belch

First Appearance: Tyrantis (1998)

Description: An enormous radioactive Tyrannosaurid, Tyrantis is more formidable than ever in the new big budget remake of the 1950’s classic creature feature!  With a more scientifically accurate look, this new take on the old monster packs a lot more terror into every second of screentime, proving once and for all that largeness is an important factor!  Though his cast includes a virtual who’s who of celebrity talent, from comedy legend Dan Castellenata to former 80’s teen heartthrob Judd Nelson, rest assured that this Mon-Star is the true star of this new thrill ride that puts all others to shame!  Bigger than Jaws, bigger than Jurassic Park – see Tyrantis when it debuts this coming Friday, and remember, Largeness Is An Important Factor!

~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes: This ATOM Bonus Kaiju File is a bit different than the others, as you may have noticed – instead of representing a different kaiju from Tyrantis’s universe, it represents a Tyrantis from a different universe.  In this specific case, this Tyrantis hails from a universe where birds/dinosaurs ruled the Mesozoic instead of retrosaurs, and as such is an actual mutated Tyrannosaurus rex.  However, this reality is also one where radiation makes all creatures change size and gain random super powers, so in terms of scientific accuracy it’s still something of a lateral move.  This particular alternate Tyrantis is a gift for the many, many, MANY fans who asked me to make the canon Tyrantis have feathers.  I will never, ever grant that wish, but I am willing to throw a bone since I understand why people want more dinosaurs in media that are, y’know, actually similar to how dinosaurs really looked.

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