HWE Kaiju File: Tyrantis

T2 HWETyrantis

Name: Tyrantis

 The Jade Giant, The Nomadic Tyrant

 None (currently)


Alignment:  Chaotic Protective

Height: 100 feet

Length: 200 feet

Weight: Normal


Fire Breath:
 Tyrantis can produce a sort of natural napalm, allowing him to literally breath fire.  This is more versatile than being a simple oral flamethrower, however – Tyrantis can release a fiery spray, spit multiple smaller fireballs, or even “inject” flame into his opponents by biting into them, creating a small internal explosion within his foe’s body.
Heat Resistance: Tyrantis can withstand incredibly high temperatures, even going so far as to survive being dumped in lava.
Bone Crushing Bite: Tyrantis’s jaw and neck muscles are incredibly strong, even by kaiju standards. This means his jaws are capable of crushing bone and tearing through steel.
Primitive Lizard Brain: Tyrantis’s reptilian brain is resistant against psychic attacks, keeping uninvited guests out of his mind.
Reptoid Chimera Biology: Like most creatures crafted by the reptoids, Tyrantis’s biology is unique compared to other terrestrial organisms because of the many different sources his genes come from.  His cells are incredibly resistant to disease, as viruses and bacteria – which usually specialize in one type of organism – have trouble getting a foothold against his immune system.  Tyrantis is also technically able to breed with most other chimeras that were produced by the clan of reptoids that created him.

Extreme Cold Climates:  Tyrantis is nonetheless a heat-loving creature, and is far less powerful in cold climates than warm. In temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit he becomes sluggish, and when the temperature drops below 0 degrees Fahrenheit he can no longer generate napalm (though he will still be able to control fire from other sources, albeit with less precision).
Primitive Lizard Brain: While not exactly dumb, Tyrantis isn’t particularly smart either. He has a hard time communicating with other creatures, even when they use telepathy. As such it is hard for Tyrantis to form strategies with ally monsters, and not hard for enemies to trick him.
Sparring Obsession: Tyrantis was designed to be a shepherd of other kaiju, and while that often means beating them into submission, it rarely means killing them outright.  As a result, despite loving combat, Tyrantis is reluctant to strike killing blows.  Tyrantis will only aim to kill when he is absolutely certain his life is on the line, which means he will often pull his punches when dealing with other kaiju even if they have more malevolent intentions.

Personality:  Tyrantis loves one thing more than anything else: fighting. Tyrantis lives for combat, whether it’s a friendly sparring match with one of his allies, or a full out duel to the death with a vicious enemy. While a vicious combatant, Tyrantis also has a sense of honor. He never uses dirty tactics in combat, and refuses to fight creatures that don’t provide a challenge for him. Any creature that does not show the same respect, though, will face the full force of Tyrantis’s wrath.
Despite this violent lifestyle, Tyrantis is nonetheless a benevolent creature, and is more than willing to befriend other kaiju (after they wrestle for a bit, of course).   Tyrantis was genetically engineered to be a social creature, and as such feels a passionate need to form a “pack” no matter where he goes.  Those lucky enough to accept his friendship will have gained a fiercely loyal ally.
While not incredibly intelligent, Tyrantis is something of an idiot savant when it comes to fighting, showing a level of creativity and inventiveness that is beyond most creatures. Tyrantis can build crude weapons, set traps, use his environment against his foes, and pinpoint weak spots with bizarre ease. While not good with plans, Tyrantis is a genius at thinking on the fly. This impulsive mindset can make him an unpredictable opponent – when he’s not content to simply beat his foes into submission, that is.

Bio: Tyrantis was one of the first kaiju to be discovered in the modern era.  For most of its life it had lived in an Earth Hollow – a subterranean ecosystem hidden from human civilization within the earth’s Enigma Layer.  Unfortunately, an earthquake of absolutely ridiculous proportions caused by a human mining operation utterly destroyed the monster’s home, even forcing a large section of the Earth Hollow up to the surface.  To the humans above, this was already a bizarre and horrifying event, for in their eyes a new mountain had basically sprung up in Jordan, Montana overnight.  Little did they know that the mountain’s inhabitants would be far more disturbing.
The first sightings of Tyrantis were dubious at best, coming from thrill seeking people that wanted to explore the new mountain despite being warned of its possibly unstable nature.  Tales of the “giant lizard” in the mountain spread pretty quickly, and were denounced by most as sensationalist nonsense even quicker.  Nonetheless, one herpetologist by the name of Dr. Minerva Lerna was intrigued by the tales just enough to fly out to Montana to find the monster.  She eventually discovered that the rumor was true, and that a monstrous reptile the size of which humanity had never dared to dream truly did exist in the mountain – and it wasn’t alone.
A second monster emerged from another section of the mountain and, in a blind rage, promptly began to bulldoze the nearest human settlement.  Dr. Lerna could only watch in horror as Tyrantis charged after the monster, but to her surprise Tyrantis didn’t join its side.  Instead, Tyrantis beat the other monster into submission, often going out of his way to drive his foe away from the human settlements in the process.  Eventually the enemy monster retreated, and Tyrantis, secure in his victory, roared in triumph before returning to his mountain lair.
News of the battle spread quickly, and soon it was clear Tyrantis and his foe were just two more of the giant monsters that had recently sprung up around the world to plague mankind.  However, the behavior of Tyrantis is what truly grabbed the world’s attention, for this seemed to be the first instance of a kaiju that would willingly protect humanity from others of its kind – and thankfully, it would not be the last.

History:  Tyrantis was created 4 million years ago by a race of subterranean reptilian creatures.  He is a hybrid of several creatures – specifically, several creatures from the Mesozoic era, including Deinosuchus and Tyrannosaurus rex.  Like all the other kaiju creations of the reptoids, Tyrantis was made for a specific purpose: in his case, he was essentially a shepherd, and specifically a shepherd of other kaiju.  Tyrantis was designed to have an instinctual love of combat (especially nonlethal “sparring”) and a desire to socialize with other creatures, even and especially ones of a different species.
His life in his Earth Hollow proceeded as expected for 4 million years – he helped reign in the other kaiju in the ecosystem, was fed routinely, and generally enjoyed a simple and routine lifestyle.  However, a human-caused and Enigma-powered earthquake brought that lifestyle to an abrupt end when it tore his home apart and stranded him on the surface with only one other kaiju from his home for company.  Without masters to give him orders, and a herd of kaiju to reign in, Tyrantis had nothing to do except explore the new surface world he had been violently forced to enter.  Along the way he formed a sort of bond with one of the surface dwellers – a human woman named Dr. Lerna.

Important Dates:

March 16, 2033: Tyrantis’s earth hollow is destroyed, and a portion of it is pushed to the surface.
August 13, 2033: Tyrantis is officially “discovered” by humanity (though had been sighted many days prior) after he does battle with Tricerak in Jordan, Montana.
???: Tyrantis and Dr. Lerna are forcibly taken to another universe, wherein they encounter alternate versions of themselves while trying to find a way back home.

~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes: This ATOM Bonus Kaiju File is a bit different than the others, as you may have noticed – instead of representing a different kaiju from Tyrantis’s universe, it represents a Tyrantis from a different universe.  In this specific case, this Tyrantis comes from the world of the Hollow World Enigma, a group storytelling project I’m a member of.  This alternate Tyrantis is a genetically engineered chimera much like the previous one, although he was made by the cave dwelling Reptoids, since HWE has a much bigger focus on cryptozoology.  I won’t be posting the other stuff I have on HWE here, but I felt it would be fun to give it a bit of spotlight here on Horror Flora while doing this fun take on different Tyrantises.

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