ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 10: Kirclov

B10 Kirclov.png

Aliases: Kirclov the Living Martian (note: not actually from Mars), Kirclov the Shackled Invader, Kirclov the Conquerable, Kiclov the Beast that Walks, Kirclov the Beast from Planet X (note: not actually from Planet X)

Date Discovered: January 18, 1959

Place of Origin: Kaiju Factory Planet 3

Notable Stomping Grounds: Kaiju Factory Planet 3, Barnumville, Typhon Island

Height: 40 feet at initial discovery, 90 feet at adulthood

Length: 85 feet at initial discovery, 140 feet at adulthood

Biology: Kirclov is believed to be a remnant of the Beyonder Invasion force.  If so, it was unique among them because it was not yet fully grown.  The young kaiju was never spotted among the other rampaging forces, and in fact went undiscovered until well after the brief intergalactic war was over.  It seems fairly compatible with Earth’s atmosphere, as well as being highly intelligent for a kaiju.

Despite its alien nature, Kirclov only sports the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: When first discovered by notorious freak show owner and conman Bertram Wood Jr., Kirclov was a very meek and easily spooked creature.  Despite its prodigious strength and healing abilities, the kaiju was quickly subdued and forced into a strict and cruel training regimen.  The frightened and lonely creature proved to be a quick learner, and soon became a star attraction.

Despite the traumatic nature of its training, Kirclov delights in entertaining a crowd, and responds positively to the sounds of human cheering and laughter.  It remains a tender hearted soul for the most part, and hates being forced to commit any violent or even remotely threatening act.  However, the gentle alien has a breaking point, and when denied the opportunity to flee will fight with great ferocity.  Kirclov is one of the strongest kaiju of its size on the planet in terms of sheer physical might, and while it may not have the fighting experience other kaiju have, that brute strength can carry it pretty far.

While Kirclov avoids conflict in general, it despises seeing other creatures being victimized, and will push itself to intervene when it sees others being bullied.  Kirclov will also brave a variety of dangers to save those in trouble, making headlines when it rescued civilians from a burning building during its escape from Bertram Wood Jr.’s traveling sideshow.


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