ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 9: Stardrac

B9 Spacebat

Aliases: The Spacebat, Astrobat

Date Discovered: January 23, 1968

Place of Origin: Outer Space

Notable Stomping Grounds: Miami, Orlando, Echidna Island, Typhon Island

Length: 115 feet

Wingspan: 200 feet

Biology: Originally an ordinary bat, Stardrac unfortunately nested inside an experimental unmanned spacecraft that was sent into orbit to test the effects of cosmic radiation on Yamaneon.  The result was a kaiju whose mutations were far more extensive than normal, and one of the last great surprises of the Atomic Time of Monsters.

Stardrac has a variety of powers at its disposal:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Infrared and Ultraviolet vision
  • Can hear and project radio waves
  • Extreme heat resistance
  • Skull-splitter screech
  • Energy beams from eyes
  • Acidic spit

Personality: Having experienced a far more traumatic and bizarre mutation than most kaiju, Stardrac’s mind is often overwhelmed by its myriad new senses and abilities.  With multiple new eyes all over its body that can see spectrums of light it originally could not make out, ears that pick up on radio signals, and blurry memories of its explosive cosmic creation filling its mind, the space bat often spends hours simply trying to comprehend what has happened to it.  In some dim way, it knows it has experienced things far beyond what any bat could dream, and cannot tell whether to rejoice in this new knowledge or recoil in horror.

Like any terrified animal, Stardrac lashed out at anything that approached it when it first returned to earth, wreaking havoc on the state of Florida in the process.  Once subdued, however, its aggression levels quickly dwindled.  The kaiju is now one of the more introspective specimens in captivity, spending most of its time deep in contemplation as it tries to make sense of its new perspective on the world.

When forced into a fight, Stardrac sports a powerful array of surprising abilities that most kaiju are not prepared to fend off, and most foes are terrified by the spectacular barrage of energy beams, acidic spit, and sonic assaults to the point of retreating.  Stardrac rarely pursues them, as the creature finds itself to be beyond such petty conflicts now.

Though it is often distant and inwardly focused, Stardrac does not mind the company of its fellow monsters.  It is not the most responsive companion, often starring blankly when other monsters make attempts at friendly communication.  However, it has been noted that on a few occasions Stardrac came to the aid of creatures that made friendly overtures to it before.

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  1. Petter Wäss says:

    So happy that Spacebat got to live in this setting 😀


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