ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 8: Bigjaw

B8 Bigjaw.png

Aliases: Phobodon maximus

Date Discovered: December 4th, 1957

Place of Origin: Lidenbrock Trench

Notable Stomping Grounds: Lidenbrock Trench, The Atlantic Ocean, The Wells-Verne Kaiju Sanctuary

Length: 350 feet

Biology: Massive even by kaiju standards, Bigjaw isn’t a particularly fast swimmer, but makes up for its lack of speed with sheer bulk.  It’s armored hide is nearly impenetrable, and its massive one hundred foot long jaws bristle with sharp, jagged teeth that can pierce the hull of a warship with relative ease.  Bigjaw is an ambush predator, lying in wait for the perfect opportunity to strike its prey.

Bigjaw has the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: Though its perpetual frown might imply otherwise, Bigjaw is actually a fairly calm and quiet creature, generally being content to drift lazily through the sea instead of actively seeking prey.  Most of the kaiju’s nastier moments are a result of vestigial instincts – having descended from retrosaurs that were immense even BEFORE they mutated into kaiju, Bigjaw feels a need to eat other creatures whenever the opportunity presents itself, as its ancestors could not afford to let such opportunities slip by.  Likewise, Bigjaw feels intensely uncomfortable sharing territory with similarly sized creatures, as some ancient part of its brain recognizes that they could lead to its starvation.

If one can push past the initial aggression, though, Bigjaw is actually a fairly mellow monster.  It doesn’t sadistically drag out battles or pursue prey to the ends of the earth (and in fact gives up the chase pretty quickly when a victim escapes its deadly fangs), and is generally content to let significantly smaller creatures be.  Some monsters have even managed to work past the monster’s instinctual territoriality, becoming exceptions to its aggressive predatory nature.  Oddly, the obnoxious Cudatra is the most successful in this regard, and the two monsters are often seen in each others’ company.

Bigjaw, like most larger-than-average kaiju, relies more on brute strength than strategy, as it can withstand almost anything thrown at it while dealing far more damage than less exceptional kaiju can handle.  Thankfully for anything unfortunate enough to fall on the wrong side of the titanic sea monster, it is also slow and clumsy.  Any strategist could see that Bigjaw needs a partner who can cut off its prey’s escape to be a truly effective killing machine.  Perhaps its partnership with Cudatra isn’t as inexplicable as one might think.

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