ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 6: Raroga

B6 Raroga.png

Date Discovered: August 25th, 1954

Place of Origin: The Tunguska Crater

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Siberian Monster Zone

Height: 100 feet

Length: 145 feet

Biology: A massive terror bird, Raroga’s large head, small forearms, and thick hind legs are considered an example of Tyrannosation – i.e. the tendency for some terrestrial carnivores in the fossil record to imitate the form of Paleo Tyrant retrosaurs in terms of bodily proportions.  With a bone-breaking beak, immense spurs on its hindlegs, and thick skin, Raroga shows that the fierce body plan that made retrosaurs so effective at dominating the predatory niche can work for avians as well.

Raroga sports the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: Raroga is a consummate hunter, and even seems to have a sense of sport.  The massive avian spends most of its waking moments seeking out fellow kaiju to fight, and will pursue its prey to the ends of the earth if need be.  Thankfully for humanity, it doesn’t consider creatures as small as humans viable prey, and generally avoids human settlements so long as the kaiju it hunts aren’t in them.

The terror bird primarily relies on her brute strength to win battles, and to be fair, she has plenty to spare.  With her bone-crushing beak, vicious kicks, long heel spurs, and powerful legs, Raroga has overpowered dozens of foes with relative ease.  However, when push comes to shove the bird can also prove incredibly cunning, and is nowhere near as easy to trick as many assume given her brutal fighting style.

Though she has a tendency to be a violent brute, Raroga has a strange sense of honor.  She doesn’t fight foes with obvious weaknesses, and often allows enemies that put up a good fight to live.  As more than a few kaiju scientists have noted, Raroga wants to be challenged more than she wants to hurt others.  While not as overtly heroic as some kaiju, there have been moments where Raroga joined with other monsters to fight a greater threat, and it is possible she may mellow out with time.

Her general disinterest in humanity combined with her predatory attitude towards other kaiju has made Raroga an invaluable part of the Siberian Monster Zone’s security protocols, as the giant bird has taken quite well to being the kaiju sanctuary’s warden.

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