ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 2: Dominox

B2 Dominox

Aliases: Super Monster 02

Date Discovered: June 12, 1963

Place of Origin: Unknown

Notable Stomping Grounds: Chicago, Fitzgerald Island Kaiju Sanctuary

Height: 85 feet

Length: 200 feet

Biology: The discovery of Dominox answered one of the great paleontology mysteries.  Fossils of her ancestors had been found previously, but posed a puzzle, as the fossils in question were only of their arms.  These long appendages, each tipped with enormous claws, baffled paleontologists for over a decade, as no retrosaur had arms quite like them in either shape or size.  Only when Dominox was seen in the flesh could scientists definitively categorize her and her ancestors as members of the Transtional Tyrant clade of Retrosaurs.

With her terrifying markings, snaggletooth jaws, and immense clawed forearms, Dominox is a ferocious predator, albeit a rather slow and clumsy one.

Her powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: Though she looks menacing with her skeletal-skin coloration and abundance of sharp edges, Dominox isn’t particularly hostile for a carnivorous retrosaur kaiju.  Left to her own devices, the long-clawed monster is content to simply putz around her territory, occasionally marking trees, rocks, or even the dirt with her talons.  Her problems have less to do with her temperament and more to do with her past experience around other kaiju.

There have been many vicious monsters in Dominox’s past, and when she was smaller she was easily threatened.  As such she is oddly jumpy around other kaiju.  Though on first observation one would assume she is the aggressor, Dominox’s actions are actually those of a terrified and cornered animal.  Coming within her field of vision is tantamount to an attack in Dominox’s mind, and the now massive and fearsome kaiju will lash out with every weapon at her disposal until the “attacker” leaves.

Socialization with other kaiju has slowly worn down her paranoia, and Dominox has gotten to the point where there are a few monsters she will tolerate sharing space with.  To the surprise of many, she is actually fairly sweet and considerate with those she considers “safe,” though she still has a tendency to shrink away when touched.

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