ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 1: Diablosaurus

B1 Diablosaurus.png

Aliases: The Devil Retrosaur, Super Monster 01

Date Discovered: July 28, 1957

Place of Origin: Satan’s Canyon

Notable Stomping Grounds: Satan’s Canyon, Chicago, Fitzgerald Island Kaiju Sanctuary

Height: 110 feet (135 feet with horns)

Length: 185 feet

Biology: A member of the Paleo Tyrant clade of the Retrosaur Family, Diablosaurus is particularly notable for sporting the same “fire breathing” ability as Tyrantis and his kin.  His venom/fuel reserves are far smaller than the famous green kaiju, making some kaijuologists theorize that he might be a more primitive ancestor of Tyrantis’s species.

Diablosaurus’s powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Fire breath

Personality: Diablosaurus, aka the Devil Retrosaur, earned his sinister name when he emerged from Satan’s Canyon to terrorize the town of Rockridge, Texas.  The  prehistoric monster hunted for the pleasure of hunting rather than out of any actual hunger, and chased the many citizens of Rockridge all across the countryside, often allowing its prey to “escape” for a moment only to continue the pursuit minutes later.

He did not grow out of this behavior, though eventually his temperament mellowed after enough defeats.  Diablosaurus lives for conflict, and the more long and drawn out it is, the better.  Whether his prey flees or fights, Diablosaurus is entertained so long as they give him good sport, and is only discouraged by a victim that gives in too easily.

In combat, Diablosaurus is alternately considered cruel or stupid, as the monster prefers to make fights last as long as possible.  This means he will either refuse to inflict a killing blow by maiming a foe instead, or, alternatively, purposely makes mistakes so as to give his opponent a sporting chance.  When presented with a competent challenge, however, Diablosaurus gets serious and positively relishes the moment, fighting fairly yet fiercely in equal measure.

The Devil Retrosaur is a perpetual shit starter who can’t resist brawling other monsters no matter how hard he tries, but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t desire companionship.  Indeed, he holds the few monsters who have bested him in high esteem, and enjoys fighting in groups from time to time.  He can even show compassion for fleeting moments, provided he’s had plenty of challenges lately.  Boredom is what brings out the devil in him, and so long as Diablosaurus is properly stimulated, he is manageable.

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