m3 Frightron.png

Aliases: Professor Panic’s Mean Machine

Date Unveiled: July 20th, 1958

Origin: Frightron was the final creation of Dr. Fritz Murnau (also known as “Professor Panic,” an international terrorist and “super villain”).  The Mecha was built to destroy the recently established kaiju sanctuary on Typhon Island as part of Dr. Murnau’s Quisling ploy to curry favor with the Beyonder Alliance.  Thankfully, the machine was quickly outgunned by the island’s kaiju population.  Dr. Murnau was incarcerated, and his machine was reprogrammed to aid humanity in the intergalactic war that would soon unfold.

Height: 140 feet


  • Cesare Artificial Pilot Intelligence, or CAPI
  • Mechanical strength on par with a Kaiju of equal size
  • Xeno-Titanium armor
  • Gravity Manipulation Thrusters in “feet”
  • Galvanization Force-field Generators on “shoulders”
  • Kaiju Gutter Chainsaw
  • Red Death Missile launchers in “shins”