m2 Atomoton

Aliases: Project Thunderchild Mk. 2, the Atomic Automaton

Date Unveiled: November 2nd, 1954

Origin: The second product of Project Thunderchild, Atomoton was the first true Mecha in the U.S.A.’s arsenal – it’s predecessor, MechaTyrantis, was a cyborg that relied on mixing circuitry with a biological nervous system to function.  Atomoton was in the planning stages before MechaTyrantis was created, but the cyborg proved to be a necessary prototype for the artificial nervous system that Atomoton required, pushing the fully mechanical robot’s development back by a few months.

However, this delay was short lived, as the U.S.S.R. debuted their own mecha, Herakoschei, late in 1954, forcing America to finish their own fully mechanical robot fighter as soon as possible to avoid looking weak by comparison.  Since both countries had been spying on each other’s mecha projects (among other things) for years by this point, Atomoton’s creation didn’t take too long, and soon the American robot was protecting not only the U.S.A., but other countries around the globe as a show of good will.

Height: 100 Feet


  • Promelion Artificial Pilot Intelligence, or P.A.P.I.
  • Mechanical strength on par with a Kaiju of equal size
  • Xeno-Titanium armor
  • Taser claws
  • Gravity Manipulation Thruster in torso
  • Cockpit escape pod for human pilot