m1 Herakoschei.png

Aliases: Axe of Perun, the Deathless Soldier

Date Unveiled: October 4th, 1954

Origin: Created by the U.S.S.R., Herakoschei was originally meant to be used in human warfare, but was re-fitted to work as an anti-kaiju weapon when the growing kaiju threat proved difficult to handle.  It is also something of an international project – the team that designed Herakoschei frequently worked with information stolen from the U.S.A.’s own giant robot programs (particularly Project Thunderchild, which produced both MechaTyrantis and Atomoton) by spies.  This was a two way street, of course, as many of the advances Herakoschei’s team made were then stolen by American spies as well.

Herakoschei’s official name – a combination of the Greek mythological hero Herakles and the Slavic mythological villain Koschei the Deathless – was chosen in an attempt to foster international unity in the wake of the kaiju epidemic, and the mecha was later loaned out to other countries in need of assistance as a token of good will.

Height: 125 Feet


  • Mechanical strength equal to or surpassing a Kaiju of equal size
  • Xeno-Titanium armor
  • Kaiju crusher claws
  • Gooscraper missiles
  • Gravity Manipulation Thrusters in “feet”