ATOM Kaiju Bonus File C18: Nosferacul

19 Nosferacul

Nosferacul was created by plebiantologist for the ATOM Create a Kaiju Contest.  Plebiantologist retains all the rights to Nosferacul, and the illustration and profile here are adapted from their work.  While Nosferacul is not an official part of ATOM’s canon, he and the other contest entries posted on this site are considered semi-canonical – the Star Wars Legends to ATOM’s Star Wars.  You can see more of plebiantologist’s work on their tumblr!

Aliases: The Count, Bloodsucker

Date Discovered: March 4, 1955

Place of Origin: The Jungle of Green Hell

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Jungle of Green Hell, southeastern Brazil, The Challenger Mesa Kaiju Sanctuary

Height: 40 feet (45 with crest)

Length: 55 feet from tip of beak to tip of tail

Wingspan: 114 feet

Biology: Prior to his exposure to Yamaneon, Nosferacul was a humble saw-billed hermit hummingbird. However, in search of food, he found his way into an underground Yamaneon system… which happened to be sitting atop an almost-dead magma chamber.  A sudden, powerful steam vent triggered a Yamaneon reaction, creating the creature known as Nosferacul.

Nosferacul has an impressive array of powers:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factory
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Supersonic flight
  • Projectile tongue
  • Blood drain

Personality: Nosferaculu is a wily, crafty, charismatic creature, driven by hunger. His abnormally fast metabolism gifts him incredible swiftness and reflexes, but forces him to supplement his ambient energy intake with other sources – unlike most kaiju, Nosferacul must feed. And feed he does, on whatever he can access, but his sustenance of choice by far is the blood of his fellow kaiju.

Conserving his strength at all costs, Nosferacul first attempts to charm potential victims within range with sweet, lilting songs, so he can spear them with his wickedly barbed tongue; failing that, he will withdraw or (if desperate enough) go on the offensive, taking to the sky and strafing with unbelievable speed and agility. Despite his aerial prowess, he cannot maintain his acrobatics for long, as flight demands a great deal of stamina. If he runs out of steam, Nosferacul becomes woozy, clumsy, and cowardly, attempting to beat a hasty retreat to his cavern home before he falls into a vulnerable torpor state.

When he isn’t on the prowl, Nosferacul keeps to himself, sucking juice from the Jungle of Green Hell’s fruits and nectar from its flowers, waiting for others to come to him. This tendency to reclusivity along with his remote habitat means he poses little danger to humans. He spends much of his time hanging upside-down in a trancelike state, alert but resting; he is also something of a neat freak, making sure to keep his plumage preened and his home tidy, in case he should attract company. Despite his reputation, he’s not antisocial, and should another kaiju seek him out and ask for his assistance, he will courteously lend his aid… in exchange for a meal.

An ordinary attack from Nosferacul will most certainly not prove fatal, but the puncture marks he leaves behind itch horribly, and having one’s blood drawn is never a pleasant experience.

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