ATOM Kaiju Bonus File C15: Clawdia

16 Clawdia

Clawdia was created by bowlofgabe for the ATOM Create a Kaiju Contest.  Bowlofgabe retains all the rights to Clawdia, and the illustration and profile here are adapted from his work.  While Clawdia is not an official part of ATOM’s canon, they and the other contest entries posted on this site are considered semi-canonical – the Star Wars Legends to ATOM’s Star Wars.  Bowlofgabe is a marvelous artist, and while he specializes in crabs, he draws monsters of all kinds, so give him a look!

Aliases: Big Clawdia and Little Clawdia, The Virgins of Clawdalupe, The Lucha Leviathan, The Sisters in Claw

Date Discovered: October 28th, 1961

Place of Origin: The Caribbean Sea

Notable Stomping Grounds: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico’s Shores, Cuba, Bermuda Kaiju Sanctuary

Height: 90 feet

Biology:   Though their exact origin is unknown, the conjoined crustaceans known as Clawdia (“Big Clawdia” for the main body and “Lil’ Clawdia” for the stunted smaller bond on top) have so many physiological mutations that many suspect genetic tampering must have been involved, though it is possible their powers and mutations are simply the result of a particularly traumatic and violent atomic fossilization process.  Most notably, Clawdia is capable of telepathically communicating with other creatures, making them one of the few kaiju capable of understanding human speech.


Clawdia’s full power set includes:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor (particularly strong with her limbs)
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Telepathy
  • Limited Flight via spinning at ridiculous speeds

Personality: Despite sharing the “same body,” Big and Lil’ Clawdia are very different. Big is brash, goofy, and playful, really wanting to just help out the cities it protects. Lil’ is analytical, constantly listening into the surface world’s radio waves, and has a strong desire to learn more about humanity and other kaiju. Lil’ mostly speaks with Big, but once a human or friendly Kaiju earns their trust, Lil will excitedly talk their ears off (figuratively, of course, since the crab communicates by telepathy).

Amusingly, Clawdia’s first contact with humanity led the crab to discover the art of Lucha Libre, which the conjoined crustaceans instantly fell in love with.  Clawdia has since been a stalwart defender of good in the vein of their masked human heroes, and have even developed their own signature moves, including:

  • Guadalupes Halo! – Clawdia will spin around at an incredible rate, unleashing a barrage of punches and slashes at their foe. If the foe is grab, than a mighty throw will send them back into the sea!
  • Pecking Order – when a foe is down, Clawdia will scuttle over and peck at them furiously with their massive claw jaw.
  • San Juantito’s Hammer –  As a last resort, Clawdia can Rip off one of her four arms, and send it flying at a foe. Her Arms become volatile when no longer attached, thus detonating on impact. Clawdia doesn’t like using this because it has a radius of damage; her loyal fans (Mexico’s Citizens) could be caught in the explosion.

A defender of the weak and warrior for justice, Clawdia is devoted to protecting the people of the world and Mexico in particular.  Friendly and virtuous, the only thing Clawdia loves as much as protecting humanity is showing off and listening in on the radio broadcasts of her battles while doing it.

And, like any hero worth their salt, Clawdia is not adverse to allying with others.  Her boisterous personality and kind heart have earned her many friends, and Clawdia is a key player in keeping the kaiju population of the Bermuda Kaiju Sanctuary in line.

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