ATOM Kaiju Bonus File C9: Javellaro

9 Javellaro

Javellaro was created by titleknown for the ATOM Create a Kaiju Contest.  Titleknown retains all the rights to Javellaro, and the illustration and profile here are adapted from his work.  While Javellaro is not an official part of ATOM’s canon, it and the other contest entries posted on this site are considered semi-canonical – the Star Wars Legends to ATOM’s Star Wars.  Titleknown has created loads and loads of monsters, characters, and stories on the internet, and has even been published on other monster blogs such as  I highly recommend you check out his work!

Place of Origin: Tuscan, Arizona

Notable Stomping Grounds: Tuscan, Arizona

Height: 80 feet

Length: 120 feet

Biology: Originally a normal javelina, Javellaro was subjected to obscene experiments that culminated in its forced Atomic Fossilization, become one of the more agonized kaiju ever to exist.  Fungi and plant life merged with its animal cells, resulting in a creature whose body is constantly trying to eat itself.  Javellaro is stuck in a permanent state of near death, being too hardy to succumb to its wounds, yet too frail to truly recover.

While becoming a kaiju through normal means usually results in the stabilization of one’s biology, the atomic fossilization process that created Javellaro specifically threw her radioactive biology out of sync, resulting in a kaiju who is constantly pulsing with bursts of intense radiation.  While those bursts are sometimes result in the normal beneficial life rejuvenating effects of Yamaneon radiation, such as making plants grow in the hog’s footsteps, they sometimes do the opposite, exterminating all life within the creature’s wake.

As a victim of human tampering, Javellaro’s powers are unusual among kaiju:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced but unstable healing factor – Javellaro’s body will keep on functioning despite what should be mortal wounds, but rarely heals completely
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Life Aura
  • Death Aura

Personality: The intentional creation of a mad scientist, Javellaro spends its existence in perpetual fear, loneliness, and agony, blindly groping its way through life in a desperate search for the family it once had.  While not malicious, Javellaro is also too unaware of its surroundings to keep from threatening others, especially considering how it sometimes unconsciously sends out waves of deadly radiation.  It is by far one of the most pitiable kaiju to rear its head in the Atomic Time of Monsters, and sadly also one of the most dangerous.

Sadly, Javellaro was slain in a confrontation with humanity before the Kaiju Sanctuary Initiative left its testing phase, to the regret of many kaiju researchers who believed it might have been possible to save the creature.  It has not been forgotten, however, as a statue of Javellaro stands tall in the entrance hall of the Echidna Island sanctuary.

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