ATOM Kaiju Bonus File C10: Malzzang

10 Mallzzang

Malzzang was created by canadian tuxedo mask for the ATOM Create a Kaiju Contest.  Canadian tuxedo mask retains all the rights to Malzzang, and the illustration and profile here are adapted from their work.  While Malzzang is not an official part of ATOM’s canon, she and the other contest entries posted on this site are considered semi-canonical – the Star Wars Legends to ATOM’s Star Wars.  Canadian tuxedo mask runs an excellent tumblr, so go check it out!

Aliases: Rumi Kang, Buzzing Beauty, The Wasp Queen Of The Underworld, Super Osuzumebachi

Date Discovered: May 3, 1955

Place of Origin: Busan, South Korea

Notable Stomping Grounds: South Korea, Japan, Echidna Island, Ogasawara Kaiju Sanctuary

Height: 50 feet

Length: 190 feet

Wingspan: 260 feet

Biology: Once a human being, the woman who would become Malzzang began her mutation process by exposing herself to small daily doses of powdered Yamaneon as part of a beauty regimen.  The process was sped up and modified when her “pets” – Yamaneon-irradiated and genetically modified Asian giant hornets – forcibly transformed her into one of their own through mutative pheromones and spittle.  Now, as Malzzang, she resembles those same insects while retaining her human face, albeit with some wasp-like features.

Even more bizarre than her hybrid appearance is Malzzang’s relationship with her former pets.  The kaiju can actually craft a honey-comb “skirt” that her smaller hornet minions will hide in, spilling out at her command to assist her in battle.

Other than this, she sports the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality:  Boss of the dominant General Wasp Gang, Rumi Kang was mainly known for two things, her ruthlessness and her beauty.  What was less known was her expertise as an avid apiarist, particularly the Asian giant hornet.  From adopting the animal’s yellow-orange coloring as her gang’s colors and mimicking their hierarchy to experiments with Yamaneon radiation and gene altering serums to create obedient super hornets, Kang had intentions beyond mere racketeering.

One humid spring night however, she was caught unawares by a massive police sting operation, still wearing her Yamaneon-infused custom Boryeong mud mask.  In the ensuing chaos, she retreated into the habitat daring the police to come and arrest her.  The wasps however, agitated by the ruckus, set upon her, licking and biting.  To the observing officers this appeared to be an ironic final punishment, but Kang knew better.  This was her coronation.

As a kaiju, Malzzang retains the power hungry nature of her human life, though in many ways her operation has simplified.  She revels in the brute force supplied by her kaiju form, as now most of her conquests can be done in broad daylight without need for complicated schemes and subterfuge.  While the aims of that conquest has also simplified – from heists and hits to staking out territory and finding food for a growing army of massive hornets – Malzzang has no regrets, as in her eyes she has ascended to a higher level.

Yet, to her great irritation, she is not completely unopposed.  Asia has a large kaiju population, and many of Malzzang’s attempted conquests have been repelled by the likes of Nastadyne and Pengku.  Though she may be on a bigger playing field, the number of other monsters competing with her for power has remained.  Even more distressingly, Malzzang’s clever mind – the thing that gave her an advantage over enemies in the past, and certainly helps against the animalistic brutes she now competes with – is slowly slipping, as the insect-human hybridization process slowly replaces her human memories with hornet instincts.

Eventually Malzzang realized her mind’s degradation and willingly surrendered to humanity on the condition that they fix her brain.  After a few years of incarceration and therapy in the Echidna Island kaiju sanctuary, she was transferred to Typhon Island, where she currently lives in peace with her fellow monsters, finally free of her vicious ambitions.

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