ATOM Bonus Kaiju File C4: Osteogre

4 Osteogre

Osteogre was created by cerothenull for the ATOM Create a Kaiju Contest.  Cerothenull  retains all the rights to Osteogre, and the illustration and profile here are adapted from his work.  While Ostegore is not an official part of ATOM’s canon, it and the other contest entries posted on this site are considered semi-canonical – the Star Wars Legends to ATOM’s Star Wars.  Cerothenull has many other works of monster fiction on his blog, so check it out!

Aliases: Bone Fish, Sea Giant

Date Discovered: March 24th, 1954

Place of Origin: Deep Pacific Ocean Yamaneon vein

Notable Stomping Grounds: Typhon Island, Pacific Ocean

Height: 90ft

Length: 120ft

Biology: One of the enduring enigmas among earth’s kaiju, no one is quite sure where to place Osteogre on the tree of life.  One theory is that it originated as a currently undiscovered lobe-finned fish, placoderm, or Short-Tailed Sea Tyrant that lived in the deep sea trenches and was exposed to the Yamaneon, possibly in the midst of a sudden volcanic eruption. Some even theorize it may be hybrid, as analysis of its physiology reveals bizarre similarities to both retrosaurs and placoderms.

Osteogre gets its name from the outcroppings of armored boney plates on its body.  These are more than mere osteoderms, however, as Osteogre can actually grow new spikes and armor plates at will, changing the typically smooth growths into jagged and sharp ridges and blades it uses in combat.  These newly formed pieces of armor tend to be brittle and easily broken, and Osteogre will often shed them once it is out of combat.

Osteogre’s kaiju powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Bone armor and retractable blades

Personality:  Osteogre is a surly Kaiju, preferring to keep to itself in most situations. It is an endurance fighter, preferring to let its opponent wear themselves down trying to wound it before retaliating. It uses its bladed form sparinly, only relying on it when a particularly tough enemy needs to be taken down quickly or if they somehow manage to enrage the typically stoic Kaiju.

For the most part it ignores humanity, though it has been seen making threat displays towards large boats and other suitably large vessels. It has never been known to actually destroy a ship or injure its crew however, at least not without being attacked first  Despite it’s gruff attitude it has been observed as a common defender of the Earth against extraterrestrial and homegrown threats.

While not particularly social, Ostegre is defensive of the few creatures it has managed to befriend, and has proven to be a loyal if often aloof ally.

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