ATOM Kaiju File #50: The Great Beyonder


Date Discovered: August 1st, 1958

Place of Origin: Beyonder Homeworld

Notable Stomping Grounds: Beyonder Homeworld, Mars, Typhon Island

Height: 120 feet

Length: 500 feet

Biology: Considered the most valuable asset in the Beyonder Alliance military, the Great Beyonder is a rarity: a kaiju mutated from a civilized Beyonder, retaining all the knowledge and training of a normal Beyonder soldier within the body of an immense kaiju.  Considered both a valuable asset and a citizen of the Beyonder Alliance, the Great Beyonder’s genetic code has not been tampered with for fear of violating his purity as a shining example of the Beyonder race.

The Great Beyonder sports the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: The Great Beyonder is a patriot who fights not just for the Beyonder Alliance, but specifically for the Beyonder race, the civilized species that founded the Alliance itself.  He is skilled in all forms of Beyonder martial arts and is a scholar of the great Beyonder tactitians: one of the best soldiers the Beyonders ever produced.  In theory, he would be one of the strongest kaiju just in skill alone.

In practice, however, the pride and joy of the Beyonder Alliance relies on his bulk to be a threat more than anything.  It turns out that while other kaiju may not have martial arts training, they make up for it by living for centuries as giant battle-loving monsters.  The average kaiju may not be a mental giant, but their bestial cunning and unpredictability renders many military strategies moot.  The Great Beyonder has the mind of a Chess playing champion, sure, but most kaiju have the mind of a beast that knocks over the chest board and mauls the other player.

The Beyonder Alliance claims it keeps the Great Beyonder in reserve because he is too valuable to risk, both as a citizen and a kaiju asset.  The Beyonders themselves are particularly adamant that the Great Beyonder is their pride, the crown jewel of their civilization, and that he must be protected at all costs.  None of them would ever admit that he is far less spectacular than they claim, and that their disappointment at him being slightly above average at best is what keeps him from seeing duty.

This may be why the Great Beyonder tries to hard to prove himself, and why he is so wicked and cruel to his fellow kaiju.  Every other kaiju fills the Great Beyonder with envy, as none of them understand how much pressure is placed on them to serve the Beyonder Alliance’s needs.  No other monster is as keenly aware of how much the Beyonder Alliance relies on its kaiju military, and how necessary these beasts are to protect the dozens of civilizations and countless worlds in the B.A.  And while he is certain they hear the strange, musical call of the Yamaneon in their bones, the Great Beyonder doubts they understand its commands as well as he does – and none have his bravery to fight its siren call and ignore its protests at his actions.

There is no kaiju like the Great Beyonder, and while many can prove a match for him, he refuses to allow any of those smug, stupid beasts to do so without an utterly vicious fight.

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