ATOM Kaiju File #48: Zillser


Date Discovered: August 1st, 1958

Place of Origin: Kaiju Factory Planet 6

Notable Stomping Grounds: Kaiju Factory Planet 6, Typhon Island

Height: 120 feet

Length: 100 feet

Biology: Zillser’s home planet is not inhabited by intelligent life, or so the government of the Beyonder Alliance claims.  Since the Alliance needed more kaiju soldiers for its army, the planet was treated as breeding ground for kaiju.  The Alliance strategically used atomic bombs to create as many bursts of Yamaneon radiation as possible, and Zillser was one of the results.  The lumbering beast is another new recruit for the B.A.’s army, and in many ways acts the most natural of any of the enslaved alien kaiju.

Zillser has the following power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Explosive plasma blast from mouth

Personality: As a fairly young kaiju, Zillser is territorial and ferocious.  The lumbering monster is eager to prove its strength and charges into battle with reckless abandon.  He isn’t sadistic or cruel, however – like many of Earth’s kaiju, Zillser simply wants to feel safe and refuses to bow down to any perceived threat.  His defiant kaiju nature has yet to be cowed by centuries of warfare like many of the Beyonders’ other kaiju.

Zillser has a lot of brute strength and raw destructive power, but he lacks the skill and finesse of older kaiju.  While he can be initially overwhelming in combat, he tends to make a lot of stupid rookie mistakes.  He’s a rather slow learner and can be easily tricked, but Zillser tries hard and can endure a lot of punishment.  In time he may be a great warrior.

When given the chance, Zillser is content to leave other monsters alone, and even enjoys the occasional friendly sparring match.

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