ATOM Kaiju File #46: Crimorax


Date Discovered: August 1st, 1958

Place of Origin: Scalim Homeworld

Notable Stomping Grounds: Scalim Homeworld, Mars, Typhon Island

Height: 65 feet

Length: 220 feet

Biology: Crimorax’s home planet is covered in an enormous forest – one whose individual trees make even kaiju seem small.  Since almost everything on her homeworld lives an aboreal existence, Crimorax’s body plan is strange even by alien standards.  Her mouth lies on the opposite end of its body than her head, while her limbs are designed for climbing instead of running or walking.  The result is a creature that, while effective at dropping down on prey, is somewhat less graceful on the ground.  Despite her apparent awkwardness, Crimorax has proven to be such a formidable and scrappy fighter that the Beyonder Alliance has chosen not to tamper with her genetic makeup.

Like the otherwise unrelated Googora, Crimorax’s exoskeleton clad body sports many superficial similarities to terrestrial arthropods.  In fact, the climbing monster takes it further by even sporting sets of compound eyes.

Kaiju powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Electrifying bite

Personality: As a being adapted for an aboreal environment, Crimorax faced a steep challenge during her many deployments on foreign worlds, as few planets were built to support her climbing-focused body.  Despite her apparent handicap, Crimorax quickly proved to be an absolutely vicious fighter, tearing apart whole armies as well as more than a few of her fellow kaiju in a bloody and violent life as an enslaved kaiju of war.  Few monsters can match her for sheer speed and intensity of movement, much less for the wild and flexible way she contorts her strange alien body to strike at her foes.

While she proved to be an unexpectedly powerful fighter, Crimorax doesn’t enjoy the violence she is forced to inflict.  Her initial successes were a result of blind panic at how lost she was on an alien world.  Over time that fear mutated into a blind acceptance of her circumstances – if she would keep being forced into terrifying and violent worlds, Crimorax would simply become more terrifying and violent herself to compensate.

Despite it all, Crimorax holds some affection for her comrades in the Beyonder Alliance, and is one of the few kaiju in the intergalactic army that actually treats her fellows with a degree of concern.  She particularly tries to look out for the rookies, who often have yet to realize just how horrible their life will be under the B.A.’s control.  Many kaiju in the Alliance want freedom for themselves, but Crimorax is one of the few that wants freedom for herself and the others.

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