ATOM Kaiju File #44: Googora


Date Discovered: August 1st, 1958

Place of Origin: Feengup Homeworld

Notable Stomping Grounds: Feengup Homeworld, Typhon Island

Height: 100 feet

Length: 140 feet

Biology: Googora’s homeworld is one of many whose civilization has joined the Beyonder Alliance, and as such Googora was forced into service of the Beyonder Alliance war machine.  The strange creature’s biology resembles a terrestrial arthropod in many respects, though any human can look at the bizarre animal and realize it is not of this world.  The “arms” on the sides of Googora’s neck are actually complex antenna, and have very little lifting power to speak of.  A fresh recruit for the B.A., Googora has not yet been genetically modified.

Googora’s powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Irritating powder spray

Personality: With her cackling cries and overall giddy manerisms, many initially believe Googora must be a sadistic monster, as few creatures enter a fight with as much manic glee as the alien monster exudes with every movement of her ridiculous body.  It is true that Googora enjoys some elements of combat, but while she enthusiastically antagonizes and goads his fellow kaiju, few of Googora’s attacks actually deal any serious damage.  To the disappointment of its Beyonder handlers, Googora isn’t a warrior at heart: she’s a prankster.

Googora delight in the frustration and annoyance of others, but has no desire to inflict genuine pain.  She doesn’t mind causing the occasional pratfall, of course, and relishes the sight of another kaiju falling flat on its face when it tries to retaliate against her pranks.  Anything beyond that, however, is distasteful in the creature’s eyes – Googora likes jokes, not cruelty.

She can fight viciously when pressed, but Googora never stops looking for an opportunity to lighten the mood in these moments.  More than a few fights with the alien have started as serious battles only to descend into goofy slapstick antics that leave Googora’s enemy fuming with humiliation while the alien slithers on amused and free.  Googora deeply values the few kaiju who actually get her sense of humor, and loves nothing more than to engage them in a friendly prank war.  She likewise isn’t one to hold onto grudges – nothing is worth taking seriously as far as she is concerned.

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