ATOM Kaiju File #42: Torkenrak


Date Discovered: August 1st, 1958

Place of Origin: Beyonder Homeworld

Notable Stomping Grounds: Beyonder Homeworld, Mars, Typhon Island

Height: 150 feet

Length: 220 feet

Biology: Hailing from the homeworld of the Beyonders, the founding race of the Beyonder Alliance, Torkenrak is one of the most experienced battling kaiju enslaved to the Alliance’s will.  He has been genetically modified several times over to adjust to the environment of dozens of different planets, to the point where human scientists aren’t quite sure how many of his adaptations are true to his original anatomy and how many were crafted for the Beyonder’s campaign on earth.  The creature seems remarkably similar to an angler fish in both its skin and bioluminescence, though its three eyes and split lower jaw mark it as a decidedly unearthly creature.

Like most of the Beyonder Alliance’s kaiju, Torkenrak has a signature attack in addition to the standard kaiju powers:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Disorienting strobe lights
  • Retractable claws

Personality: A veteran of countless battles on numerous world throughout the universe, Torkenrak has been hardened to the point where he struggles to even conceive of nonviolent solutions to the obstacles he faces.  There are two kinds of creatures in Torkenrak’s eyes: the ones he has to kill, and the ones he has to make kill alongside him.  His behavior is one part drill instructor and two parts bully, and Torkenrak particularly despises weak and nonviolent creatures.

This mindset is not Torkenrak’s natural state, and his few allies can tell it’s more of a front the alien puts up.  The strain of being forced into so many vicious battles is too much for Torkenrak to bear, and the monster clearly wants a break from the endless brutality of its existence.  The blue beast fears pain more than anything, and will often turn tail and run as soon as a battle seems to be going south – even if it means abandoning the monsters he was previously driving into battle in the first place.

At heart, Torkenrak wants peace – perhaps more than any other kaiju.  Yet experience has beaten him down to the point where he believes that hope isn’t remotely possible, and so violence remains his first and only response to the world around him.

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