ATOM Kaiju File #41: Sombarvot


Aliases: The Blue Squid-Lizard, “Wild Steed” (rough translation of his Martian name)

Date Discovered: July 29, 1958

Place of Origin: Mars

Notable Stomping Grounds: Mars, the Venusian Martian Colony, San Solomaine, Typhon Island

Height: 120 feet

Length: 250 feet

Biology: Sombarvot is a large, plodding Martian “animal” covered in thick scaly skin.  He is specifically a somewhat close relative of Kemlasulla, although he lacks the trilaterally symmetrical pelvis of his fellow cyclopean peer.  In fact, two of Sombarvot’s hind-tentacles have been lost by the process of evolution, leaving it with seven limbs instead of the traditional Martian nine.  Like the other Martian monsters, Sombarvot has been gendered “male” by the human press despite being an asexual being.

While he lacks the fancy tricks of his fellow extraterrestrials, Sombarvot is a powerful tooth and claw fighter. He has the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: Sombarvot is a gentle giant.  While his body is lumbering and graceless by nature, the clumsy oaf will always take special care not to hurt creatures smaller and weaker than himself if he notices their presence.  He extends this courtesy to sapient martians, human beings, and even other kaiju, as the thought of exploiting the weak hurts his tender heart.

For the same reason, Sombarvot despises bullies.  The blue kaiju is quick to defend the weak from harm, and is absolutely vicious when he encounters the more sadistic members of kaiju-kind.  His brutality in such bouts is a terrible sight to see, and more than a few monsters have suffered a lethal beatdown at the clawed feet of Sombarvot.

While he is quick to protect others, Sombarvot is shy in nonviolent social interactions.  The giant is self conscious of how much space he takes up and of the casual devastation he can wreak jut by doing something as simple as turning around, and will rebuke the friendly gestures of other monsters for fear of unintentionally harming them.  Only the most determined and resilient of monsters have broken through his defenses and befriended them, with one, Kemlasulla, ranking higher than any other.  Needless to say, Sombarvot will bring every ounce of his destructive prowess to defend his allies, and is one of the best friends a monster can have.

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