ATOM Kaiju File #40: Podritak


Aliases: The Flying Frog-ray,  “Copper Doom” (rough translation of her Martian name)

Date Discovered: July 29, 1958

Place of Origin: Mars

Notable Stomping Grounds: Mars, the Venusian Martian Colony, San Solomaine, Typhon Island

Height: 70 feet from toe to head

Length: 215 feet

Wingspan: 200 feet

Biology: Part of the two-eyed clade of Martian “animal” life, Podritak’s anatomy is closer to that of her Martian peers than it may appear.  While her “neck” is shrunken to the point of near nonexistence, her body still has all three parts of the Martian torso: a “head” containing the most vital organs, a “neck” containing the digestive tract, and a “pelvis” connecting the firs two thirds with the Martian’s various limbs.  Her three-part mouth is peculiar even by the standards of Martian biology,  though she can nonetheless deliver a vicious bite.  She has warty, frog-like skin.  Like Kemlasulla, Podritak is a sexless being, and yet has been gendered “female” by the human press for no discernible reason.

Despite appearances, Podritak is a graceful and elegant flyer, hovering above the earth with marvelous poise.  This makes it all the more shocking when Podritak fires her devastating lasers from the tips of her “tail,” which is actually made of three of the Martian’s fused hind limbs.  Somewhat comically, the power source of Podritak’s primary ranged weapon is converted from the few waste-materials produced by her efficient Martian digestive system.

Podtriak’s powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Twin laser beams from tail

Personality: Calm and thoughtful, Podritak isn’t as loud and flashy as other kaiju tend to be, and is often overlooked in comparison to the violent and wild behavior of her fellow giants.  Some think her docile, pensive nature makes her an easy target – after all, wouldn’t a dangerous kaiju act the part?

In truth, few kaiju are as precise and devastating in the destruction they wreak as Podritak.  While she is slow to anger, her wrath is as immense as it is painstakingly calculated.  Podritak generally avoids close combat – not because she can’t endure a hit, but because she refuses to allow her foes even the slightest amount of ground.  Many enemies get positively frustrated by her refusal to engage, and don’t realize that her constant retreats are actually done with a purpose beyond cowardice.  The flying martian only strikes when she has figured out a winning strategy, at which point she devastates her enemy with a barrage of powerful and deadly strikes.

On the rare occasion where her strategies fail, however, Podritak drops in competence at an alarming rate.  She does not handle failure well, and flies into a self destructive panic as soon as she realizes she miscalculated.  Her grace and poise fall away, and the result is a frenzied scramble that an intelligent foe can easily exploit.

Podritak doesn’t enjoy fighting like other kaiju, and generally avoids her fellow monsters because of it.  Ironically, one of the few monsters she does associate with, Kemlasulla, relishes combat, and Podritak can often be seen on the sidelines of his fights waiting for them to end.  She is slow to warm up to other monsters, though the few that doe enjoy a peaceful lifestyle will quickly find common ground with the floating martian.

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