ATOM Kaiju File #39: Kemlasulla


Aliases: The Tripod Cyclops, The Whirling Destruction, “Beast God” (rough translation of his Martian name)

Date Discovered: July 29, 1958

Place of Origin: Mars

Notable Stomping Grounds: Mars, the Venusian Martian Colony, San Solomaine, Typhon Island

Height: 115 feet

Biology: While Kemlasulla cannot fit within the taxonomy of terrestrial life due to his Martian nature, he fits the rough requirements for being considered an “animal”.  One wouldn’t be wholly inaccurate to call him a vertebrate, as Kemlasulla does have an internal skeletal system – though the six arm-like tentacle that rest between his three legs are entirely boneless.  His body is covered in a mix of scales and exposed skin, making him look like something of a mix of reptile and cephalopod.

Most of Kemlasulla’s vital organs are inside the bloated mass behind his eye and mouth, and are protected by both an internal cage-like sphere of bones and two articulated, external armored flaps on either side of his “head”.  His digestive tract is located in the trunk-like “neck” that connects his “head” with his multiple limbs below.  His pelvis sways back and forth as he runs, resulting in a bizarre, whirling form of tripodal locomotion.  Like all other martian fauna, Kemlasulla is neither male nor female – martian “animals” reproduce by releasing spores upon each other, and eventually new martians will bud off the old ones.  Despite this, members of the human press tend to refer to Kemlasulla as “male” for no particularly good reason.

Kemlasulla boasts the following powers:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Ocular kinetic energy blast

Personality: Kemlasulla was the first kaiju ever discovered by the sapient inhabitants of Mars, and his mere appearance filled them with dread, for the tripod belonged to a clade of savage predators that had died out millions of years before the sapient martians ever evolved.  By this point in their civilization, the sapient martians had colonized almost every inhabitable inch of their planet, wiping out several species in the process.  This made the utter destruction wrought by Kemlasulla all the more shocking, as none of the considerable weapons of the sapient martians could stop the beast.  His invulnerability eventually gave him his name, which, when roughly translated from the language of the sapient martians, means “Beast God.”

Kemlasulla was quickly joined by hundreds of other kaiju, and eventually the sapient martians realized he was more fond of fighting his fellow monsters than he was of destroying their cities.  In fact, Kemlasulla’s attacks on martian-kind only occured when the martians attacked him first.  With some significant coaxing and show of support, the sapient martians managed to befriend Kemlasulla, turning him from villain to protector.

While Kemlasulla’s ancestors are believed to have been vicious, solitary brutes, the tripod is significantly more intelligent and social than expected.  While he loves to fight other monsters, he is just as quick to befriend them, and many of the fights he starts begin as a form of play.  Kemlasulla prefers sparring matches to life and death struggles, and prefers a amicable end to hostilities over dealing one final, lethal blow.

Despite this, Kemlasulla is a brutal opponent to face.  The tripod moves swiftly in a chaotic, weaving pattern, his legs and tentacles spinning wildly as he zigzags towards his enemies.  His fangs can deliver a wicked slashing bite, and his kicks are incredibly powerful as well.  Yet his most lethal attack comes from his cyclopean eye: a mutable blast of kinetic enemy.  Kemlasulla is incredibly creative with this weapon; he uses it as a tractor beam to pull enemies into close range, a surge of force to knock them away, or concentrated and deadly strike that hits like the kaiju equivalent of a shotgun blast.

What truly makes Kemlasulla deadly – to the point of being a god among beasts – is his intellect.  Few kaiju are as crafty or adaptable on the battlefield as the crazed martian tripod is.  He relishes using the environment to his advantage, and has been seen using crude tools to aid him on more than a few occasions.  While some kaiju may have more brute force, few can match Kemlasulla’s sheer versatility and determination to win, which is why the martians consider him their greatest champion.

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